Friday Fire: Will Andrew Wiggins vs. Jabari Parker become the NBA rivalry we hope it will?


Andrew Wiggins went first overall to Cleveland and Jabari Parker two to Milwaukee. 

Be patient with these two people…

One has showed and proved more consistently on the college level and one is a raw talent hoops fans are waiting to explode. One is compared to Carmelo Anthony because of his basketball killer mind and the other a talent we may have never seen on the NBA level. One’s athleticism is otherworldly and the other is athletic enough. Tonight, when the teams that drafted Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker face each other in the Orlando Summer League, we’ll get a glimpse of two players we all hope become all-stars leading the NBA into a new era of athletic talent.

Jabari Parker had the ball in his hands much more than Andrew Wiggins at Duke and lit up the college scene with an early scoring binge. Wiggins at Kansas seemingly let the game come his way and eventually put the rock in the hole with the fervor we thought he would before he signed at Kansas. Tonight at 7:00 pm ET on NBA TV, the two wunderkinds will have their initial NBA contact and it will be interesting to see what transpires moving forward. The two floundering franchises are historic rivals of sorts in the NBA’s Central Division and if all holds true (and the LeBron effect doesn’t send Wiggins elsewhere as rumored) Parker and Wiggins will battle each other hopefully for at least the next decade.

Hyperbole notwithstanding of course…

What do you say? Does the NBA need this rivalry?




7 Responses to “Friday Fire: Will Andrew Wiggins vs. Jabari Parker become the NBA rivalry we hope it will?”

  1. TheLastPoet says:

    Had a brief discussion via Facebook with Mr. Glover on these two cats a few weeks back. Long story short: they are good, but the entire 2014 NBA Draft has been vastly overrated, in my opinion. Nuff said ..

    Now here is what I really want to say: man I’ve just spent the ENTIRE morning digging thru the archives here at TSF, all the great articles and all the great comments. We had a real community here and, honestly, I didn’t realize how much I missed all y’all! I’m not even going to begin to name names because there are too many and inevitably someone will get left out. But I pray that everyone who ever posted here is well – even DavidMac Lol – and here’s hoping that, like the King of Akron, we all come back “home!”

  2. Word ’em up! We thank you Poet for all the years of support. We’ll get it back because I’m on a mission to restore the community.

  3. D.N. says:

    I like Wiggins, looking forward to this.

  4. mapoui says:

    Seriously..will the Cavs give up Wiggins+ for Love?

    that would be a huge mistake I think. Wiggins is likely better than love in the long run..well worth the wait.

    why cant the Cavs just wait out the Wolves rather than paying an arm and a leg for Love?

    Love wants to play with LeBron so the Cavs would have a good shot at him.

    time is not on the Wolves side. Gilbert should play that angle to get love rather than give up his future in a trade for him

  5. mapoui says:

    what is Gilbert doing retreading all those old guys when he has a brace of quality kids and draft piks?

    Gilbert is going to end up like the Nets..old guys eating up salary cap whom there is every chance wont mesh and wont be able to play much, injury prone like Garnet and Pierce.

    what Gilbert planning to do pull a Miami in Cleveland?

    can that kind of fire happen twice?

    this isnt shaping up sensibly at all in my estimation. Gilbert would be foolish if he does not develop the youth the team has around LeBron, who collectively in a year or 2 would bring home their first of several championships I am sure..

    the Cavs youth, with lots of picks in stock can produce a much longer window that Allen, Miller and so on would be able to give..that is if they even mesh again like they did in Miami, along with Love.

    anyhow its not my team. and I don’t like Gilbert at all. I think he is the real problem in Cleveland and as long as he is there hands-on, the Cavs wont win a dam thing.

    there he goes getting ready to spoil the whole potential they had in hand

  6. mapoui says:

    Gilbert will spoil the potential the Cavs have in hand if he does not stick with he youth.. develop them

    did he not bring in that new coach of his specifically to deal with the youth. that’s his credentials..great facility with the youth.

    you put your staff in place to develop youth and now a switcheroo is shaping up?

    good luck.

    but its not my concern. we have a decent GM in TO..Toronto. and It would be a pleasure to beat up on ole’ Gilberts nonsense all through the next few seasons to come


  7. mapoui says:

    Andrew Wiggins is going to be a much better player than Love…

    Love is no D Love.

    already we can expect Wiggins to be a better defensive factor than Love will ever be.

    I don’t see how a trade for love will make the Cavs better..unless the T Wolves take a lot less than Wiggins

    the Cavs are going to be huge with Wiggins, Bennet demonstrating he is utterly serious this year..Irving and the rest of the guys.

    they dont need Love for any thing