Lance Stephenson leaves Pacers for Hornets (short interview with Lance from after lockout embedded)

What went down in Indy?

After Stephenson didn’t want to resign with Indiana for 5 years/44 million, this situation became very confusing. Larry Bird wasn’t budging off that number, but it seemed, because of the close relationship between Lance and Larry Legend, that something would eventually be hammered out. 

That didn’t go down, Stephenson signs a 3yr./27 million dollar deal with Charlotte, and in essence, Lance traded Larry Bird for Michael Jordan. He will definitely be missed in Indy and despite what you may hear from punditry all over the land (including Indy), Born Ready’s energy and skill were a plus on the Pacers roster. When cats are game weary and a player is relentless all over the floor late into the 4th, it puts a lot of pressure on any defense and definitely factors in the final result. Lance has a drive few pro athletes have and as a result, don’t sleep on the Hornets. I dig players like Lance Stephenson because they give a team an extra gear. Intimidation becomes a factor and the opposition knows every game will be a fight because of the presence of a player like Stephenson.

Stephenson also lead the league in Oscars (triple-doubles) last season with 5. With his leaving and all the rest of the signings this off season, fans are getting what they want in parity.

As @mattiecolin said to me this morning on twitter, something had to go down for such a promising Pacers player to bolt just when it seemed this team wasn’t going away despite their recent playoff losses to a then LeBron James led Miami Heat. Stephenson became a social media lightening rod in memes after his classic in-game exchanges with LeBron (and Dwyane Wade as well) during the playoffs and as the Pacers were eliminated after falling apart very quickly at the end of the regular season, you still thought the Pacers would move on positively without making drastic changes.

Searching for images was hilarious with all the funny ass memes on the web. Y’all ain’t right…lol

But seriously, something had to go down…

Below is a convo I had with Lance here in Philly vs. the Sixers shortly after the lockout was resolved. Because it’s in the locker room, it’s unedited. Listen to the end where his voice changes when speaking of the aforementioned Bird.

5 Responses to “Lance Stephenson leaves Pacers for Hornets (short interview with Lance from after lockout embedded)”

  1. TheLastPoet says:

    Could it be that what went down was as simple as the team grew weary of the disruptive, childish, and ineffective antics against the Heat? I mean, yeah, Lance can play, but talking ish and blowing in dudes ears is stupid as hell! Maybe cats just got tired of it?

  2. Poet do you think that’s why he got 27 mill and Hayward/Parsons broke the bank?

  3. TheLastPoet says:

    I do. He is as good or better than both those cats, and yet Charlotte went for Hayward first and offered him the max. Likewise, Dallas had an offer on the table for Stevenson that was vastly inferior to the deal they gave Parsons. So what else could it be? I think Stevenson’s people know it, too, which explains why they took a shorter deal so that home boy can prove himself and then hopefully cash out later.

  4. Kelley says:

    Or it could be that the league is straight up bigoted and the great white hopes/dopes will always get paid more than the vastly superior black man. Just watch, they gonna string Stevenson up on some bullshit – dogfighting, sexual “assault”, taxes, resisting arrest, breathing while black, take your pick – before he gets a chance at a max contract. And if by some chance the man can’t pin anything on him and he puts up MVP performances, the pernicious owners will change the rules so that he’ll still get paid less than Gordon Opie haywood or chandler beverly hills parsoms. This is nothing but some bullshit.

  5. TheLastPoet says:

    Kelley, I agree wholeheartedly .. I used to argue this point all the time: the league has always been quick to overpay its white players – especially as more and more Black players came aboard – because the fan base, which is overwhelmingly white, needs someone on the court to whom they can relate. (This “need to relate” also explains the immense popularity of a journalistic hack like Bill Simmons.)

    My point is this: the “game” extends well beyond the court, and if Mr. Stephenson wants to cash those big ass “Opie” and “Beverly Hills” checks someday, then he must stop blowing in dudes’ ears and just play. Now we know that, due to the color of his skin, just playing “the game” likely will not be enough. But brothers working in billion dollar industries also can’t be shooting themselves in the foot and still expect to get paid. That bit of wisdom hold true whether the billion dollar industry that pays you is the NBA, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, or anywhere else that whitefolk are making money. Shid it’s ALL corporate, namsayin?