Part 2 of The Starting Five Live Howard Bryant Interview

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In part 1, I had an interesting conversation with the ESPN columnist and author that aired on RAPstation Radio 7/19/14.

Access it here for context.

Part 2 is below. Follow Howard on twitter. Thanks for listening. I enjoyed the entirety of this interview. Please comment. – Michael Tillery

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Kobe Corleone: How the Lakers Legend Compares to an Iconic Movie Character by Nigel Broadnax

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Interesting will be the last few years of Kobe’s career. 

The other night, I became perhaps the last person on Earth to watch the 1972 cult-classic mafia flick The Godfather.  I found the movie entertaining and it took a while for me to digest it. Over the last few days, I’ve replayed various scenes of the film in my head. Through all of that, I discovered the movie’s parallel to the NBA world.

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