Friday Fire: Would you have traded Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love?


Win now or cry later?

I’ll speak on it in the comments.

17 Responses to “Friday Fire: Would you have traded Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love?”

  1. Bobby Weaver says:

    Always win now, especially with the best player in the game since MJ on the team. With King James, the Cavs aren’t the Sixers, Bucks, Pistons or Wolves. Plus, Bron wouldn’t stand for waiting around. In fact, I bet he only went to Cleveland now because he knew they could get immediate help now by trading their #1 pick. He’s not old, but he’s not young, either. A LOT of miles on his body. He can’t afford to wait around on investments for the future. Also, he’s only tied to the Cavs for this year. If this trade doesn’t work, he can always jam to whichever team he thinks can win right away.

    It’s clear that Bron wants to deal Wiggins. Whether he is especially enamored of Love is a different issue, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a lot of “input” into the “composition” of the roster. If the brass defied his wishes over dealing Wiggins, that would send relations between Bron & Gilbert back into the pre-Decision toilet and almost guarantee that he would leave as soon as possible.

  2. mapoui says:

    Cleveland has bought into another jam with LeBron James.

    hell of a choice: trade your future for a year or 2 of contending with an elevated chance of going all the way..but a chance certainty.

    I would not do that…not have done that. I would be keen only if I had LeBron for 3 certain years..and a condition of the Love trade would be that he signs for as long..3 years

    I would even have passed on LeBron’s return under these tight but expensive circumstances. water under the bridge I would see it as and move on with my future.

    if this does not work out in one year both Love and LeBron are likely gone and the Cavs would be at scratch again.

    Love would be operating on a tight schedule having to sign next summer for longer term. it the season does not work out to his liking will he extend with the Cavs?

    Bill Simmons here below, almost convinced me to give it a chance. but no! Barkley is not Love..and Cleveland circa 2014/2015 aint no 1990’s Phoenix. lightening most assuredly wont strike twice relatively speaking.

    LeBron and Love must at least like each other.. and Kyrie Irving is no Kevin Johnson. big risk but Gilbert has money. but with LeBron around for however long, he wont lose any

    Bill Simmons:

  3. mapoui says:

    if precedent is anything to go by we are more likely to have a repeat of the previous LeBron Cavaliers years than a Barkley-like Suns explosion.

    I am not holding my breath anyway. as long as the guys get fully paid I am happy

  4. DN says:

    I am so anti Dan Gilbert I can hardly respond. Yes, I would have made the trade.

  5. TheLastPoet says:

    A summary of points I made about this on another post:

    The “old” big 3 in Miami is mo’ betta and mo’ proven than this “new” big 3.

    Lebron wanted to go home and he wanted to get paid. Seems like he also wanted influence over coaching and personnel decisions that he was never going to get in Miami no matter how many chips he won (not as long as Riley is running the show). So he has achieved all the above. But he is still a lot further away from a championship than if he had stayed his behind in Florida.

    Not that the Cavs will be terrible, they’ll be aiight. And NOW they probably DO win a chip before Miami does again, which will sort of partially fulfill Gilbert’s broken promise to the Cleveland jersey burners – I mean “fans” – of Lebron. Ain’t finna happen this year, but keep the faith baby!

  6. I wouldn’t have because Kevin Love has put up these stats and has never made the playoffs. Think back to how Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady were criticized for not getting out of the first round. Until, I see Kevin Love put up these numbers when the spotlight is the hottest, I’d say he’s overrated and skating on a Steve Nash like narrative that’s rarely critical of his talent within Minny’s ineptitude. He’s an average defender and looking at the Cavs roster, the only elite defender is now LeBron James. Yes, it will be dope to see Love’s Unseld like outlet passes to either of his back court mates and especially LBJ, but this team has trouble stopping James’ former team as well as any of the previously elite Eastern Conference teams Miami had to go through on their way to 4 straight Finals.

    I don’t like it. I think Love is being gifted a chance at a championship without putting in the same team based work any elite player has had to put in to become a champion. The lack of objectivity regarding Love and that he’s a borderline dirty player (without even a sniff of a dirty player narrative) gives me pause to even consider his talent as special.

    He’s become the new Steve Nash in that his defensive ability is rarely spoken of as a liability. I suspect his weaknesses won’t become a monkey on his back now that he’s playing with a player everyone will point to if the Cavs “fail”.

    Very few (if any) raked Kevin Love for wanting to leave Minnesota. Where is the talk of super teams? Where is the talk of player collusion? Where is the criticism of Love never making the playoffs? Minnesota sniffed mediocrity once in his years with the Wolves…this year at 40-42.

    Not good enough.

    2013-14 Minnesota 40 – 42 .488 3rd Northwest Division – – DNQ
    2012-13 Minnesota 31 – 51 .378 5th Northwest Division – – DNQ
    2011-12 Minnesota 26 – 40 .394 5th Northwest Division – – DNQ
    2010-11 Minnesota 17 – 65 .207 5th Northwest Division – – DNQ
    2009-10 Minnesota 15 – 67 .183 5th Northwest Division – – DNQ
    2008-09 Minnesota 24 – 58 .293 4th Northwest Division – – DNQ

    Of course, it’s not all his fault for being in a losing Minny situation, but as many are critical of stars past and present, KL deserves the same scrutiny. Love is a great rebounder (still say Dwight Howard is the best as much as he’s underachieved), shoots .362 from the arc (stop saying he’s the best big man shooter in the game. That’s total BS) and is a decent passer. His skills are better suited in an offense (and defense) that has a beast center talented on both ends beside him.

    Andrew Wiggins in my opinion will be a better player than Kevin Love. He now has the shoulder chips to destroy his opposition and those critical of his temperament. His pop Mitchell Wiggins was a bulldog and I’m sure he’ll prepare his son for what essentially is a new lease to prove his prowess. It’s the reason why I said in the photo caption “win now or cry later”. I see the Cavs as blowing this and that many are saying LeBron called the shots on this trade, doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve been on LeBron’s side of many of his decisions, but this is one I can’t cosign.

    The Heat last year run over this current Cavs team and that San Antonio destroyed an elite defensive squad in Miami says they still are the favorites. Chicago will be a problem. Indiana and Brooklyn will be a problem and don’t sleep on Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade when Heat/Cavs play.

    I’d take Pat Riley over anyone in Cleveland’s and Minnesota’s front office combined.

    This won’t end well and when it doesn’t, what will be expected is writers far more critical of LeBron than they will be of Kevin Love. Trust.

  7. Sylvia says:

    Michael, when you say that people saying LeBron calling the shots on the Wiggins trade “doesn’t sit well with you”, are you saying that you don’t think LeBron is, in fact, calling the shots?

  8. No that’s not what I’m saying. Some moves are best not made regardless of who is calling the shots. That’s what I’m saying. The Cavs may have traded away the best player of this upcoming generation and given the city hasn’t won anything since the Browns won way back in 1964, I don’t think they’re entitled to pull such a trigger. No hyperbole, but I see a lot of Kobe Bryant in Andrew Wiggins (take that and run with it if you want), so I would have at least waited a year just to see him on an NBA regular season court.

    I think the Cavs could have gotten Love mid-season or even this time next year.

    LeBron better hope some defensive help is coming at the trading deadline.

    If and when the Cavs don’t win the NBA Finals, it will be interesting to see who is blamed.

  9. Sylvia says:

    Got it. I agree. When you have a new paradigm superstar like LeBron, who has the power to dictate every facet of his life, including where he plays, the exact teammates he he wants to play with, assuming the role of de facto GM & coach, you have to sink or swim with each of his decisions. I guess the bright side will be that when this season blows up, LeBron will be free to go to the Lakers, Clippers or Spurs and Love will be stuck with Gilbert in Cleveland having played another year without winning a thing. Ha!

  10. TheLastPoet says:

    Mizzo, I think Lebron SHOULD be blamed when this thing fizzles out since he IS the dude pulling all the strings here…

  11. Word up Poet. I definitely agree.

  12. TheLastPoet says:

    Since the Cavs will certainly NOT be winning a title next season, I think the real question is this: which player gives them a better chance at a title within the next three to four years – Love or Wiggins? (since that is likely a realistic window for Lebron at his physical peak.)

    By year three, I say Wiggins is That Dude. Meanwhile Love is what he is.

    Talentwise, I think Lebron has just recreated what he had in Miami, but at a downgrade. (No, Kyrie is not as good a player is DWade, and neither is Love as good as Bosh. Kyrie is Wade with a better jumper but much much worse defense, no leadership, and no pedigree. Love can do all the things Bosh does offensively, but he does none of the things Bosh does defensively. Love is also shorter than Bosh. And slower. Unathletic. So it’s not like Love’s defense can improve, Love can’t even guard the same people Bosh can guard (Aldridge and Blake an nem routinely cook Love for breakfast)).

    I respect Lebron’s desire to control his destiny, while he can, and attempt to bring a chip to Ohio. But I think three years from now we will look back and say, “he shoulda kept Wiggins.”

  13. RecMan says:

    Three years from now, LeBron will be in LA or San Antonio.

    If the Cavs don’t win this year, he’s gone in 10 months.

  14. THIS is what LeBron should do.

  15. mapoui says:

    Yes Mike Tillery!

    that’s some strong analysis there. I agree. no way I am trading Wiggins for Love. adding Bennett and a pick or 2 is way over pay.

    but Gilbert is an idiot. his persona and management poisons the Cavs chances. but he has money. he can absorb his mistakes no matter how many he makes

    I like to see things go well with teams. but they do not belong to me and in the end owners can do as they please. in that case I am happy when players get the max. I like to see good play.

    when my faves win its extra. but I am happy with good play and high salaries

  16. Ron Glover says:

    Shoulda kept the Irving/James/Wiggins Cavs intact.