The Mike Brown Killing: It’s Much Too Late for Angry Words by Kobie Colemon

Posted in Blogroll on August 17th, 2014 by Michael Tillery


This image will be an iconic reminder of  how the people of Ferguson, MO, responded to Mike Brown’s cold blooded killing. 

A few things I think I know about the police violence and Black protest in Ferguson, MO. First, when Black people are the victims of police brutality and murder, it is the murderers who are humanized and the Blacks who are dehumanized. There is a strange equivocation where the same rhetoric is used to exonerate one group of people (the police), while denigrating another (Black people). You all know the rhetoric; on the one hand it speaks of “flawed individuals” in police departments everywhere – but especially in areas with a large Black demographic. Racist people who happen to be police officers and thus they are able to practice their personal prejudice and racism with power and impunity. Thankfully, so the rhetoric goes, these racist cops are in the minority, and thus not representative of the police force as a whole, which is full of “good” people who are simply trying to do their jobs.

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