Make the Leap: Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill and Matt Cassel look to spark a charge


Robert Griffin III has to put a tumultuous 2013 behind him.

Make the Leap. Progress from run of the mill to remarkable. From uninspiring to unforgettable. From throwaway to thrust into the forefront. The 2014-2015 NFL Season will unveil the stars and excitement we  have come to expect from the autumn beginning of Professional Football. None the less, there are many questions that need to be answered. Here are three teams with legit chances at making the playoffs this year, based solely on roster moves in the off season and a solid year from their starting quarterback.

The Miami  Dolphins should be a playoff team, provided they get playoff level quarterback play.

Ryan Tannehill needs to be a playoff caliber QB this year.

Ryan Tannehill has to make the leap from average to very good this year. The tools are laid out offensively and his defense is loaded. It’s time to produce. Build a winner. Miami is further along on the road to legitimacy than both Buffalo and the New York Jets because they have a quarterback that is consistent. The road to playoff team, however, cannot be traveled with a guy that will not lose it for you. You need a guy that can win some games for you. Tannehill needs to be that guy this season.

Matt Cassel needs to listen to the quarterback whisperer.

Matt Cassel, with the aid of Norv Turner, can push the Vikings to the legitimacy.

Norv Turner is calling shots for Cassel (and Teddy Bridgewater to a lesser degree) as offensive coordinator in Minnesota. The team is competitng in a stacked division and even though Chicago or Green Bay will win the division, Detroit and Minnesota will compete for Wild Card spots if and only if the respective quarterbacks perform up to their capabilities. No one in the division will finish under .500 so being average will not cut it this year. Every team in the NFC North will bring a pass rush and every team will be able to score points. What will determine who goes to the playoffs from this division are the following: turnover ratio and points in the red zone. Do not turn it over and score when you get in close. Jennings, Patterson and Rudolph along with the incomparable Adrian Peterson provide the weaponry. For Matt Cassel the task seems simple enough. Listen to Norv.

Robert Griffin III must move forward.


RG III must leave dysfunction behind and focusing on winning this division. The playoffs are not out of the realm of possibility.

Whatever residual bad blood leftover from the Shanahan Era must be washed away and all things made new within the mind of RG3. The young man is too talented to be held captive mentally by a regime no longer in place. The addition of DeSean Jackson at wide receiver to pair with Pierre Garcon as well as a healthy Alfred Morris in the backfield means that the Redskins have the makings of a potent offense. The Eagles still have problems defensively as do the Cowboys. The Giants are experimenting with a completely new offensive system. Opposition to RG3 putting together a 3500 yard/ 30 Touchdown campaign and leading the Redskins to the playoffs will not come from inside the division. If the Redskins are not a playoff team and RG3 is not one of the 15 best quarterbacks in the league this year we should all be disappointed.

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