Friday Fire: Should Roger Goodell be fired?

roger goodell

When we wrote here many times over that Roger Goodell’s insistence of “cleaning up” the NFL was straight bogus, few agreed. Now that his feet are heavily in the fire because of his horrible handling of Ray Rice, folks are calling for his job. This with full knowledge that he — like every other pro sports commissioner — is essentially employed by those owning teams.

What’s going to change if Goodell is ousted and a new commissioner is named?

  1. Women are pissed and rightfully should be.
  2. The NFL is under the biggest microscope in quite some time on and off the field.
  3. Do you know Goodell made roughly 44.2 million dollars last year?
  4. If Roger Goodell is relieved of his position, Reggie Williams would be a great replacement.
  5. Did ya read James Harrison’s tweets?



What do you say?

Elisabeth Epps is our guest tomorrow on The Starting Five Live to discuss Goodell and Ray Rice. Tune in Saturday, 8:30 pm ET on RAPstation radio.

One Response to “Friday Fire: Should Roger Goodell be fired?”

  1. Origin says:

    Ron – It don’t matter if he is fired or not. He works for the owners and does what they say. He is nothing more than a puppet but americans and fans are too stupid to know this.

    You know the dumb fans who believe that NFL security didn’t have the tape. Yeah right. The same NFL security that told Pete Rozell that mobsters where visiting Joe Namath’s bar or the same NFL security that was contacted by the government and asked to give them everything on Mike Vick dog fighting….lol!!

    NFL security knows more than the authorities. Heck the proper protocol is for a player whenever they get in trouble to contact NFL security before they call the cops.