Anthony Gilbert TSF Live interview Part 2; Ron Glover and I pick NFL Week 7

Anthony and I in 2008 in DC after covering LeBron’s Cavs vs. Gilbert Arenas’ Wizards

Two of my brothers on this week. The first part of Anthony Gilbert’s interview aired on RAPstation; the second part  that finishes up with Ron Glover and Michael Tillery airs here.

Nice convo in the first part. Anthony and I talked our exclusive access with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, journalism influences and stuff that just isn’t talked about in mainstream journalism. In the 2nd part, Anthony drops news of working with Spike Lee and Spike directing a commercial featuring Taney (Philly) little league pitching wunderkind, Mo’ne Davis, to run in every game of the upcoming Giants vs. Royals World Series. Check out Anthony’s site. Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoy the show!


Ron Glover and I with Kamal of The Roots post-game covering the Sixers


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Anthony here with our fam Scoop Jackson…


4 Responses to “Anthony Gilbert TSF Live interview Part 2; Ron Glover and I pick NFL Week 7”

  1. D.N. says:

    great convo! I enjoyed it all.

  2. Michelle says:

    Really good show.. Sports journalism needs more brothers like yourselves out here.. Sad to say I hear more poke brothers like they are animals in a cage masked as journalism than substance and truth these days. All spin for whatever the networks agenda is. Journalism
    hasn’t caught up to the civil rights movement. With so many athletes of color playing in pro sports leagues, it’s a sin there are so few blacks covering them. They won’t even let us have us…

  3. Michelle says:

    The lack of positive Press when it comes to athletes of color is troubling.. A couple years ago I got pissed after I called into the MLB station on XM.. Jim Memolo was saying CC Sabathia should have a playoff run like Cliff Lee.. Also mentioning how good the Yankees Defense was behind him. I was like hold up CC did that and on short rest to help his team win a WS. Lee had not won a WS and was at the time pitching in the very weak NL East . His comment at the time about the Yankees defense was totally inaccurate. The Yankees were ranked near the bottom in defense. Watching a Red Sox Yankees game I Heard more ridiculous talk about CC. Dennis Eckersley a former pitcher himself criticizing a clearly injured CC in doing so mentioning how much money he makes. I was like WTF ?? I don’t hear that about white players. Ron Darling heavily critical during the playoffs a couple years back .. One of the Fox guys during the ALCS saying b/c CC reached 100 pitches in a game he later won after throwing a CG said CC was Verlanderesk…. Huh?? What??? Like CC a total horse his entire career didn’t throw over 100 pitches on the regular.. If CC had been white they would talk about his amazing run on the Brewers nonstop.. How he carried the Yankees staff his first 3 years there.. How pitching so much on short rest has caught up to him. Not speaking about his recent struggles after being injured as if he’s done nothing in the league.. When the man in like 11 years only missed a few starts. The NFL commentators who harshly judge the black qb’s even though most of them don’t get quality weapons to play with.. Should a black player get into trouble it’s nonstop negative coverage while white players transgressions are swept under the rug. Or covered in a much softer way. As a black fan I get sick of it.. But that’s what happens when strong black journalism is damn near nonexistent to provide balance. When I heard you guys sometimes don’t get access to NBA games I was sickened.. It’s just a new kind of slavery they own and are gonna make all the money off black men while demonizing them at the same time..They are Donald Sterling !!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Lastly if a black player calls out his teammate during a game or in the press he’s a unruly and not a team player but when a white player does it he’s showing leadership.. All bad subliminal messages young children or color take in while watching or reading about their favorite players.