As rape allegations swirl, a lost Bill Cosby interview from 2007

These allegations are troubling…

In the early days of The Starting Five, we all got into incredible discussions. These were the days pre-social media boom and folks actually commented on sites like this. The comments went into the hundreds. One day, Bill Cosby was…

the discussion and what a discussion it was (provides context). I defended Mr. Cosby then because he was such a big part of my early career. One afternoon back in 2007, Mr. Cosby spoke at Community College of Philadelphia to students, falculty, local residents and of course the press. It was a long speech and Mr. Cosby was of course his comedicly authoritative self. After he concluded his talk, I waited to spot where he was headed next so I could speak personally to the icon and hopefully get a few words on the record. I was hungry as hell, and armed with a brand new audio recorder. Ha. To my dismay, organizers would not allow me access into a closed media session reserved for national and local networks held post his aformentioned speech.

Mr. Cosby turned to them and…

This was after I walked and spoke  with Mr. Cosby (only said my name once) and his reps from the auditorium to another venue. I’m appreciative to Philly media legend Vernon Odom for giving me a heads up on the location of this “secretive” presser after he gave profound words of encouragement. Later in the session, there were a few black and brown media folk present, but most everyone else was white and quite honestly, I’m glad Bill Cosby took offense because most of audience was from the hood, and I damn well wanted to rep them to the fullest.

His speaking up gave me confidence being this was one of the first media events I’ve covered outside of sports.

So, I’m conflicted as very serious stomach turning allegations against Mr. Cosby mount…after mounting some more, if you will, a long while back (did you get that). This is very damning. Ladies please don’t take my conflict as insensitivity. I’ve been there with my daughter (4:45 mark) and many of my close friends and family as well. If the allegations are true as they’ve been described, some sick and disgusting shit went down and we’ll never look at the iconic Bill Cosby quite the same.

And obviously shouldn’t…

Below, is the audio of what went down in the media session. The first part is a question posed by a local network reporter and the part 2 is my questions posed to Mr. Cosby. Listen to both. As you’ll see, he and the other  members of the panel (Pastor Derrick Johnson in particular), gave me most of the time as if I was the only media member present (in a room of 20 or so).

Representation is a helluva drug…

The convo is dominated by the effect of gun violence on Philly specifically…

Besides the ovbious relevance, I’m posting this because I initially lost the audio those years back and forgot I copied it to a CD.

Shout out to technology…look what I found.

Check it out.

3 Responses to “As rape allegations swirl, a lost Bill Cosby interview from 2007”

  1. TheLastPoet says:

    Mike, I’ve been trying to form some coherent thoughts on the allegations against Mr. Cosby. Is this mere noise meant to distract us from the very serious social justice movement currently taking shape in Missouri? Or did Cosby actually do these things? Or both? But why has it suddenly become news now? Certainly people knew of these very troubling, very sad accusations back when they allegedly occurred, so what gives now?

    If he is guilty, he will pay. That bears repeating: If he is guilty, he will pay! (He will pay even if he is not guilty.) Can the same be said of Darren Wilson? George Zimmerman? Roy Bryant? (Somebody might need to Google that last one – just let’s us know that killing Black folk isn’t some new thing racist whites recently started doing).

    Maybe I’m wrong to conflate these disparate issues, one sexual violence, the other racist brutality. Some will object to my viewing of these allegations against Cosby through a racial lens. But maybe not. Since racists also have a history of perpetrating sexual violence against Black people as well, why must Cosby suddenly become the (Black) face of sexual violence? That last question is especially poignant in light of all the crimes against Black people, like vigilante murder and police brutality, that racists are able to commit with apparent cultural and political – and legal – immunity.

    I don’t know. I guess I have yet to form any coherent thoughts on the matter. Only questions. And like you said, my questions mean no disrespect toward women and so I hope I am not misread. We all got mamas. I have a mama to whom these types of things have actually happened. So best believe I am not casting these allegations aside. I am my brother’s AND MY SISTER’S keeper. And if we got to hit this old dude upside the head with a puddin stick so that he (and we) might get it together, then so be it! But let’s not forget the point – which IS to get it TOGETHER!

  2. sankofa says:

    Greetings and Abibifahodie family. let your martial arts stance be your everyday stance and your everyday stance your martial arts stance. What Last poets mentioned should be analyzed and meditated on. Instead of expressing my views here, I will give you a full break down of part one of my views here. Bless!

    keep putting in work Michael