@TSFSports Week 12 NFL Previews and predictions: Aaron Rodgers: Part Butcher, Part Surgeon, All World

(Mike Roener/AP)

Aaron Rodgers has the same number of rings as Peyton Manning, but is rarely mentioned among the NFL’s best.

Two weeks ago, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hacked up a depleted Chicago Bears secondary to the tune of six first half touchdowns in a 55-14 stomping of their division rivals.

Last week, the 2011 NFL MVP systematically broke down an improved Philadelphia Eagles pass rush, passing for three more scores in a 53-20 romp. I think it’s about time we start mentioning Rodgers among the NFL’s best signal callers.

Byes: Panthers and Steelers

Thursday Nov. 20 Passing Leader Rushing Leader Receptions Leader
Oakland 24, Kansas City 20 Smith 234  Murray 112  Kelce 67 
Sunday Nov. 23 Time (ET) TV The Skinny Post  After Further Review
NY Jets at Buffalo 1:00 PM Postponed Postponed
Cleveland at Atlanta 1:00 PM CBS The Falcons are leading the division no one wants to win. Josh Gordon returns for the Browns. Browns 27 – Falcons 14
Tennessee at Philadelphia 1:00 PM CBS The Eagles can’t look ahead to the Cowboys after the scare the Titans gave the Steelers. Eagles 31 – Titans 23
Detroit at New England 1:00 PM FOX This game should tell us all we need to know about both teams. Patriots 30 – Lions 28
Green Bay at Minnesota 1:00 PM FOX I don’t even want to think about what Aaron Rodgers is capable of doing here. Packers 33 – Vikings 16
Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1:00 PM CBS Someone has to pay for that beat down the Colts took last week. Colts 29 – Jaguars 13
Cincinnati at Houston 1:00 PM CBS J.J. Watt rushes for a touchdown this week. No, seriously! Bengals 28 – Texans 23
Tampa Bay at Chicago 1:00 PM FOX The Bears are on the outside looking in and it’s gettin’ cold outside. Bears 33 – Buccaneers 17
Arizona at Seattle 4:05 PM FOX A tell-all game for Drew Stanton and the Cardinals. Seahawks 23 – Cardinals 21
St. Louis at San Diego 4:05 PM FOX The Bolts have Ryan Matthews back just in time for the stretch run. Chargers 30 – Rams 16
Miami at Denver 4:25 PM CBS I believe the Dolphins can go toe-to-toe with the Broncos. Dolphins 27 – Broncos 23
Washington at San Francisco 4:25 PM CBS The Niners can’t afford a letdown against a DC team on the brink of disaster. 49ers 31 – DC 16
Dallas at NY Giants 8:30 PM NBC The Cowboys will have two physically and emotionally taxing games in a four-day span. Cowboys 24 – Giants 20
Monday Nov. 24 Time (ET) TV The Skinny Post After Further Review
NY Jets at Buffalo 7:00 PM CBS It’s almost December and the Bills are still alive. Bills 24 – Jets 10
Baltimore at New Orleans 8:30 PM ESPN The Saints have to get it together at some point. Don’t they? Saints 24 – Ravens 21

7 Responses to “@TSFSports Week 12 NFL Previews and predictions: Aaron Rodgers: Part Butcher, Part Surgeon, All World”

  1. mapoui says:

    Jay Gruden is an incompetent coach. and like Shanahan before him he does not like his black QB and is using him to hide his own failure and coaching incompetence.

    but never mind! Jay Gruden is par for Snyders course of football incompetence and failure. Snyder will soon be forced to fire Gruden as well. maybe even forced to sell the dam Washington franchise he has made a consistent and absolute mess of

    Snyder cant hire competent football people if his very life depended on it.

    Griffin should walk away from football. he has many millions now that should set up his life. he also has a high IQ for academic work.

    Griffin is still physically fit, and before he gets physically ruined, he should quit and go pursue a Ph.d etc. develop a sound life outside football while raising a family… and to hell with Snyder and the football a’holes.

  2. Michelle says:

    Washington is a mess….

  3. mapoui says:

    washington is a mess for ture.. but it is Gruden’s fault..not RG3.
    and Gruden is getting pass in the MSM despite his rotten work, while all are negatively focused on RG3.

    the MSM has chosen Gruden, and for whatever reason appear to want to see the back of RG3. but although my voice is insignificant I enjoy sticking it to Gruden for the incompetent he is.. a true bum of a first year coach who should not keep his job..and who in effort to save his job has now been sticking it to his QB.

    if RG3 as the MSM claims..is unsure of himself now.. which I doubt..its Gruden’s fault, going out of his way to destabilize him. for Griffin it must be deja vu allover again. Shanahan gone..Gruden turns out the same.

    and what is it with ‘Shhynider’?

    I thought after Shanahan his first priority would be to get a head coach who was satisfied with Griffin. how in the hell he pulled Gruden out of his hat..a head coach who clearly does not like RG3?

    if Snyder wanted a decent head coach Zimmer was available. lots of solid possibilities were available as well: Fewell, Bowles, Smith, Caldwell etc.

    did Zimmer even interview for the Washington job? and if he did how did Gruden beat him out?

    there are a few head coaches in the NFL right now, who started over the past 3 years, all of whom approached their jobs properly..in Arizona, Indiana, Cleveland, Miami, Buffalo, San Diego..even the guy in Chicago who has been saddled with bad actors like Cutler who are more responsible for the failure there than he is.

    over the same period Schiano in Tampa, and both the Shanahans and now Gruden in Washington..have bummed out. Gruden could not get the best out of this Washington team. he could have had the team playing better if he had the competence. he could not make it a cohesive unit and added a major one of his own, by his antipathy to RG3.

    it now appears that Gruden never even started out with that goal in mind.. to achieve a cohesive, hard trying unit out of his collection no matter their overall quality.. or lack of it

    that alone is enough to banish Gruden to the coaching wastelands forever. the washington situation is Gruden’s mess. in less than a full season he has failed totally.

    Snyder must start to hire proper,competent people to run his franchise or sell the dam thing. in all the years he has owned washington he has not made even 1 single positive management selection to run his team

    RG3 has been singularly unlucky to have been drafted by Washington. I hope he does not get physically smashed before this season ends

  4. mapoui says:

    so RG3 will be benched for washington’s Sunday game at Indiana

    it looks like a broken mess in DC but a major part of what is broken and defective in washington is Jay Gruden, this years Greg Schiano.

    Colt McCoy is no answer and we all know it.

    but that is not the point. the point is to get rid of Griffin. in this quarter now, the suspicion is, that is why Gruden was hired immediately after Griffin-hater Shanahan. the Shanahan’s appeared literally to want to get Griffin killed on the field of play. now Gruden and the MSM have set Griffin up to fail, to be removed.

    Griffin’s brilliance is the problem. this whole issue spins on Griffin’s brilliance on and off the field as a black man..whose easy success which attests to his brilliance led him astray from the reality of his black skin in America. there are a lot of people in the NFL who cant stand a black man like Griffin..and a lot of them are in the NFL as coaches

    that is Griffins major fault..something about which Donovan McNabb tried to school him. Griffin Rejected McNabb and had to learn by experience that has now hit him flush in the face..the face he will be sitting on at the end of the bench for the rest of the year

    that is why I advised that Griffin quit the NFL with the millions he has earned already and go make a proper life in his chosen academic field before he gets killed. I cringed on Sunday as Griffin was repeatedly crunched by the SF defense. if he does not get out now he will be seriously damaged in the NFL on a football field and lose the good life he can make for himself.

    when it comes down to this to hell with football, racist fans and MSM.

    Grifin has earned already what 20-50 from salary and endorsements. thats enough,more that enough to set up elsewhere. Griffin should get out of the macho, racist mess with his body and life still intact.

    Griffin should be cool sitting on his face at the end of the bench knowing that his life is safe, he is still physically intact..untill January coming up, at which point he must, for his own good, walk away into a better life safe and sound

  5. mapoui says:


    1) a lot of people in america who cant stand a black man like Griffin..an a lot are in the NFl as coaches

    2) 20-50 million already earned from salary and endorsements

  6. mapoui says:

    Looking at Griffin I cant help but think of and compare him with Calvin Hill.

    Calvin Hill was a brilliant athlete and an excellent student who graduated from Yale, rubbed shoulders at Yale with the biggest of the big, people like George Bush, subsequent president of the USA

    but Calvin Hill did not appear to have anything like what RG3 has been experiencing. in fact it seems the then NFL was glad to to have Hill and he went on to have a good career of 9 years or more..out of which a job was found for him to be of use to the game.

    and from then Hills upward path to the top levels of american society has been smooth enough. so there is precedent and example in the NFL experience for long now, for someone like Griffin to be easily incorporated. why such a hard time in washington then?

    is it only Shanahan and Gruden..or can these men act as they have toward Griffin because ownership, despite appearances to the contrary, does not mind. the problem is Snyder then, who is the real arch Griffin -hater in the mix

    I have always had questions of Snyder anyway, long before RG3 appeared on the scene. how is it that a man with so much money comes into ownership of a football franchise, complete with staff and offices headed by president and executive officers, GM, coaches, scouts etc..a ton of qualified personnel.. and never once ,over many years hires even one coach who is successful?

    the law of averages does not favour any such thing. at least on the surface Snyder should have had more than 3 or 4 play-off success during his ownership of washington for 15 years now

    I would really, really like to know what gives with that franchise, what the hell is going on. is Snyder some psychotic 50 year old kid billionaire who loves the messy state of franchise and deliberately keeps it going in mess and failure?

    does this rich kid have only contempt for those he can control, constantly divide and pit them against each other for fun?

    there is no logic to the constant failure of the washington football franchise in american, a nation of over 300 million people, full of trained manpower, of competitive expertise that can survive only by the success of their work.

    how is in in that environment, a very rich environment in all ways, that not even once in 15 years does a billionaire, select at least 1 competent head coach who brings success to his franchise?

    it does not compute for me. it breaks my calculator and the results suggest that that owner actually likes things the way they are, and goes out of his way to ensure that things stay the way they are or ‘improves’ in the negative…by hiring the people he knows will screw up and cause the chaos he loves for whatever reason

  7. mapoui says:

    the term I believe is ‘sanbagged’ to describe what has happened to Griffin in Washington.

    but sanbagged or not its a piece of luck for Griffin. he gets his money and he can walk away safe and physically intact.

    and if he decides to continue in professional football and he gets hooked up with another team, ..as long as it is a well managed team and its interested in him he has a chance

    and with this experience as learning under his belt Griffin can come to his senses about who he is in the world and carry himself accordingly

    Goodby washington. may ya all rest in Snyder hell for eternity