@TSFSports Week 15 NFL Picks: The Seahawks are lowering the boom on NFC foes

Posted in Blogroll on December 11th, 2014 by Ron Glover

(Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Russell Wilson has had to stay very mobile during the 2014 NFL season in order to help the Seattle Seahawks.

Russell Wilson has become more of a dual threat than usual.

It would be great to see NFL players continue their tributes to Mike Brown and Eric Garner, while still spreading awareness. Printed t-shirts, black gloves, black cleats, it doesn’t matter how you get the message out — just get it out.

 Two months ago, the Seattle Seahawks were on the ropes. Wide receiver Percy Harvin was traded, there were whispers about quarterback Russell Wilson’s Blackness as well as his ability to lead a championship-caliber team. The final blow was dealt when the team lost a 28-26 nail-biter to the struggling St. Louis Rams to end a week from hell.

In recent weeks, opponents have caught hell as the world champions have won six of their last seven including victories over the Panthers, Niners, Cardinals and Eagles. The once comfortable lead by the division-leading Cardinals has been shaved to one game as the Seahawks have won three straight.

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