Michael Tillery and Ron Glover recap NFL Championship Sunday and pick Super Bowl 49


In the first 3 years of their spectacular careers, Brady and Wilson’s numbers are almost identical…

The New England Patriots smacked the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 to claim the AFC Championship and the Seattle Seahawks did the same on the NFC side — as the defending Super Bowl Champions rocked dramatically past the Green Bay Packers 28-22 in overtime.

A quick observation: Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck need to run more instead of stopping the clock and throwing the ball away on critical 3rd downs…but that’s not what the narrative says both should do huh?

That’s not what punditry would say of Russell Wilson, Cam Newton or Colin Kaepernick right?

What superficial backwards ass sports times we live in…

If Luck and Rodgers have the ability to move the chains with their legs, why would they stunt their win total by staying in the pocket despite available running lanes?

Both are football players right? Football players get hit, and are injured in every kind of way, so why the trepidation?

It’s the nature of the game.

Trophies of men are for mantles, not the football field.

Take off, win 3rd down and more rings will be of their Golden Boy QB hands…

Ron Glover and I talk of this and more on this edition of The Starting Five Live here on TSF Sports.

Speaking of TSF Live, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is Saturday’s guest to talk his book, Stealing the Game. Check that on RAPstation.com. For now, enjoy this recap.

The audio of Ron and I is below.

Be PEace…


Chart below was posted on CBSSports…

Looks like Russell Wilson is carving out a Hall of Fame worthy career.

If he wins the Superbowl, is he definitively in already?


Guess the QB through first 3 years as starter
Record Comp % Yards TD INT YPA
Player A 34-12 61.9 10,227 69 38 6.6
Player B 37-12 63.4 9,950 72 26 7.9
Stats Through First Three Playoff Years
Team Record Comp % Yards/Game Yards/Att TD INT
Tom Brady 9-0 62.5 216.7 6.42 11 3
Russell Wilson 6-1 61.3 224.7 8.69 10 5

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