Marshawn Lynch Gives the Media His Version of the Quiet Storm

Posted in Blogroll on February 1st, 2015 by Ron Glover


Marshawn Lynch gave the media an earful by saying almost nothing.

In three plus seasons with the Buffalo Bills, Marshawn Lynch learned the hard lessons that come with celebrity status. Not only are your mistakes magnified, but they will haunt you if you aren’t careful. As a young man dealing with unlimited finances and free time, Lynch put himself in some unfavorable situations. Ironically, the people who had the most to say knew Lynch the least.

The Buffalo and national media took their perception of Lynch and ran with the same disregard the five-time Pro Bowl running back has for would be tacklers.

Lynch has found peace in Seattle since his arrival in 2010 and while the media has been willing to forgive and forget one man’s past transgressions, he’s not as open to the idea.

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