Jackie Robinson West Stripped of Winning US Little League Title: TSF Live with Michael Tillery and @TheBoyIllinois


What a moment this must have been for team as well as Mr. Obama.

So here we go again. Something prominent Black happens, and again we are witnesses to the destruction of a joy we rarely have known. These kids were stripped during Black History Month? Why not immediatedly after winning the US Championship? What’s really going on here? The administration and coaches couldn’t have been suspended and leave it at that? The way folks are coming after this team is straight up BS. I wonder if the same folks critical of a process they know absolutely nothing of, are willing to walk in the shoes of everyone on Chicago’s Southside. Yeah, do that and every coach knows in every league that location has always and always will be an issue when it comes to athletes. What about how Catholic schools operate? Their pool of talent is limitless correct? Are CYO leagues slammed by a press reserving their most critical prose for the blackest blood possible? Hell no. This just isn’t that big of deal to strip kids of one of most improbable sports stories in quite some time. I lived in another state during my 12 year old year in Little League. My coach drove 40 minutes to and fro. During All-Star competition, leagues called foul, but a handshake resolved the issue and I suspect there was amicable resolution simply because the adults aren’t playing the game.

The kids are…

And now that your Little League playing days are over, flip this absolutely into something fantastic. The sting will wear off young fellas. We are still here for you. We are Jackie Robinson West.

Talk to your parents, friends and family when you are down. Be strong, stay aware, use this emotion constructively and definitely…

Be PEace.

Listen to what Brandon Green’s Mom says. Powerful. You either get it or you don’t.

@TheBoyIllinois and I talk about his day on twitter speaking that real rap. Check it out below.

2 Responses to “Jackie Robinson West Stripped of Winning US Little League Title: TSF Live with Michael Tillery and @TheBoyIllinois”

  1. DN says:

    ” It is amazing to me that whenever African Americans exceed expectations there is always fault found” .. bingo… just outrageous

  2. If we don’t build our own, that reality will continue to be.