Life After Death: Aaron Crump, the Son of Hank Gathers Talks to The Starting Five

Posted in Blogroll on March 29th, 2015 by Ron Glover

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Aaron Crump with his father’s former Loyola Marymount teammates, Jeff Fryer, Chris Knight (left) and Bo Kimble (far right).

Twenty-five years ago, the untimely passing of Eric “Hank” Gathers left an indelible mark on a family, a city, a university and in the hearts of two men.

Those familiar with my writing know the unwavering reverence I have for Hank. I’ve made a personal commitment to his legacy and memory which extends far beyond March 4, 1990. Hank Gathers was a brother, father, son and friend. That person deserves to be celebrated with the same passion with which we’ve mourned his loss for a generation.

The name Aaron Crump may not raise too many eyebrows, but he is the son of Hank Gathers. Crump was only seven years old when his father passed, but has fond and vivid memories to recall. The power of social media made it possible for Aaron and I to meet, speak fondly about his father and even talk about how we can continue to solidify the legacy of Hank Gathers.

I’ve always had a thing for important dates, March 4, 1990 has always been significant to me and I knew this year would be twenty-five years since Hank’s passing. I wrote pieces in 2005 and 2010 and quite honestly, I didn’t know what to do for this year. I felt like I said all I could say about Hank as eloquently as I could, so re-posting the 2010 piece was probably going to be the best thing to do.

Strangely enough, I received an InstaGram friend request from Aaron Crump last fall — his name didn’t resonate with me right away — after looking at some his photos, it hit me that he was the son of Hank Gathers. Even in that moment, it never dawned on me to request an interview with him. One day in mid-January, I finally reached out and sent the piece I wrote in 2010 along with an invitation to be interviewed. After reading the piece, he told me it was the best piece he had ever read on his father and was more than willing to speak with me — just like that. I was floored knowing this would be the ultimate tribute to Hank in my eyes. Over several conversations with Aaron, one thing that stood out was a statement he made as we introduced ourselves, he said, “The entire world knows who my father is, yet so many people don’t even know I exist.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Aaron Crump.

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Chuck D and Julius Erving Appear Together on The Starting Five Live Airing on RAPstation Radio

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Doc and Chuck

Both are two of the best to ever do it in their respective professions. 

Yeah no bios necessary. Though I’ve written an extensive piece on Doc and interviewed Chuck a few times as well. This is different because the two men grew up and went to school in the same town…in Strong Island, New York.

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On TSF Live, Jerold Wells Jr., Okori Wadsworth and Michael Tillery Pick Who Crashes the Final Four in Indy

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The best dancers win in March Madness right?

I think we’re in for a very compelling weekend. Three #1 seeds remain as well as two great coaches doing their usual thing in the NCAA Tournament spring. Tom Izzo has another Michigan State Spartan team in position to win another title; Rick Pitino has Kentucky bluegrass in his tested tourney sights. The Zags and Wildcats of Arizona is also an interesting affair and the surprising Notre Dame Fighting Irish are in the Elite 8 for the first time since Magic Johnson knocked them out in 1979. Okori, Jerold and I do our best to pick the winners. Check the convo out after the jump.

Enjoy the games and Be PEace…

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Michael Tillery, Okori Wadsworth and Jerold Wells Jr. Pick Elite 8 March Madness on TSF Live

Posted in Blogroll on March 26th, 2015 by Michael Tillery

Tekele Cotton and Darius Carter shocked rocked Kansas and now look to enter the Elite 8.

Ahhhh, the time is near. Two games before the Final Four in Indy, the Sweet Sixteen convenes. It’s NCAA pageantry time. A time where the NCAA basks in it’s own entertaining spotlight, as fans across the land bite fingernails and cover school colored faces while their teams do work on the March Madness clutch hardwood. Hard work in attempts to continue their collective basketball legacies for the schools they represent as well as themselves and their families. Jerold, Okori and I continue our discussion of who wins and who goes back with maturing thoughts to class. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the soul rock soul history to be made this weekend.

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Jerold Wells Jr., Okori Wadsworth and Michael Tillery Pick Who Crashes Sweet Sixteen March Madness on TSF Live

Posted in Blogroll on March 21st, 2015 by Michael Tillery


R. J. Hunter pulled up from everything Georgia to upset Baylor.

The greatness of this time of year is encapsulated in the stories. The stories of how teams got to this point, and by extension, how those teams advance. Georgia State (14th seed, 25-9 overall), with their no smoke and mirrors coach, Ron Hunter, seems to be the team everyone is pulling for in this version of March Madness. We all know the story of Hunter rupturing his Achilles tendon celebrating with his son immediately after winning the Sun Belt Tournament Championship, and the coach of demonstratively comedic soul rock soul cracked his cast on the sideline as his son R. J., pulled up from deep to dispose of favored Baylor and step to the precipice of becoming this year’s Cinderella. The Panthers face an unfazed Xavier Musketeers (6th seed, 22-13 overall) in the round of 32 tonight in Jacksonville (6:10 pm ET on TNT), for the rights to crash the coveted Sweet Sixteen.

Jerold, Okori and I try our hand at who wins and who goes home this weekend. Check the convo below and enjoy the tournament.

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Jerold Wells and Okori Wadsworth Talk March Madness on The Starting Five Live

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Who really has a shot at stopping this? Nobody. 

Ahhh, March Madness is officially here…

History. A term thrown around in sports far too often. Sometimes it fits, and other times it’s nothing more than a segue word. At the onset of the 2014-2015 NCAA Tournament, history will be spoken from the developing lips of babes of bluegrass to heroes of decades long Wizard of Westwood inspired basketball lore. Does Kentucky go 40-0 and cast their one-and-done-genius head coach, John Calipari into the coaching pantheon inhabited only by those of multiple chips? Kentucky has been arguably the best there is in the game since Calipari took over the storied program, and the polarizing coach has compiled a stellar record over the course of his career. In the 16 years his teams have hit the tournament, he’s gone 43-14, sent teams to 5 Final Fours, and won a National Championship in 2012 — the first at Kentucky since Tubby Smith won in 1998. What will go down? We’ll see, and to talk about it today on #TSFLive, Jerold Wells Jr. and Okori Wadsworth join me, Michael Tillery, to pick every game in each bracket and also our Final Four and National Championship picks. We’ll do this weekly until the National Final kicks off on April 6 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Check the convo below and enjoy the tournament.

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Butkus Award Winner Patrick Willis: Love and Desire (Repost from before he was drafted)

Posted in Blogroll on March 10th, 2015 by Michael Tillery

I’ve done many interviews and not many have touched me emotionally like this one has. I honestly could feel myself welling up as Patrick described what he’s been going through with thepatrick-willis.jpg recent death of his brother Detris. I thought deeply about this interview long after because Patrick and I connected through our similar experiences. I shared with him how the death of my mother has affected me over the years to try to give him some perspective on what life is truly like when you lose someone dear. Detris himself was a great 218 pound linebacker prospect who lost his life when his body cramped up while swimming in a local quarry. Patrick is a great kid. He’s a smart kid.  He’s a humble kid that has been through it all and is much more wise as a result. Don’t get it twisted, he will be one of the best. He’s set his sights early on the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is deeply focused.  Patrick is a  ferocious hitter that will terrorize offensive schemes for years to come. Here’s an interview from earlier in the college football season.

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Hank Gathers: Forever Young

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The time you won your town the race
We chaired you through the market-place;
Man and boy stood cheering by,
And home we brought you shoulder-high.

A.E. Houseman ‘To An Athlete Dying Young’

For twenty springs, I have remembered the man, the moment and his memory. Embracing who he was and what he meant to a neighborhood, a city and a university. Every year I seem to hold on a little tighter.

I hold on because I can’t let go of Hank Gathers.

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The 53rd Anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain Scoring 100 Points: TSF Live Interview with Gary Pomerantz, Author of Wilt, 1962

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Imagine if someone finds this tape…

Found a lost interview with author Gary M. Pomerantz. Check it after the jump as well as some very necessary commentary before the convo with Pomerantz begins. Calling you out Bill Simmons. Let’s rap about everything Philly vs. Boston. It’s long overdue bro…

You’re not chicken are you? Like the one that entertained Padres crowds as far back as when we were both sports wide-eyed and young of teeth? Seriously though Bill, let’s do this. It would be good for the people. Hollatchabuoy bro.

Anyway, let’s get to the interview…

I learned some things of Wilt Chamberlain (more commentary forthcoming)

Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the show.

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Predicting The NBA’s Second Half, Or Trying To

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With the second half of the NBA season currently steamrolling towards one of the most interesting playoffs in recent memory, many people will tell you that they know exactly how things are going to go.

Everyone will tell you they know who is going to win a championship, and who is going to win the MVP. Some people might even try to take the fun out of All-Star Weekend by explaining how the Dunk Contest is pointless.

I am not immune from proclamations of this sort. The only difference between me and everything else is that I do not claim omniscience.

Instead, I just tell you what I think I know. It is up to you to figure out if I have earned your respect as a hoops thinker enough to take what I say seriously.

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