The 53rd Anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain Scoring 100 Points: TSF Live Interview with Gary Pomerantz, Author of Wilt, 1962

Posted in Blogroll on March 2nd, 2015 by Michael Tillery


Imagine if someone finds this tape…

Found a lost interview with author Gary M. Pomerantz. Check it after the jump as well as some very necessary commentary before the convo with Pomerantz begins. Calling you out Bill Simmons. Let’s rap about everything Philly vs. Boston. It’s long overdue bro…

You’re not chicken are you? Like the one that entertained Padres crowds as far back as when we were both sports wide-eyed and young of teeth? Seriously though Bill, let’s do this. It would be good for the people. Hollatchabuoy bro.

Anyway, let’s get to the interview…

I learned some things of Wilt Chamberlain (more commentary forthcoming)

Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the show.

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Predicting The NBA’s Second Half, Or Trying To

Posted in Blogroll on March 2nd, 2015 by Okori Wadsworth


With the second half of the NBA season currently steamrolling towards one of the most interesting playoffs in recent memory, many people will tell you that they know exactly how things are going to go.

Everyone will tell you they know who is going to win a championship, and who is going to win the MVP. Some people might even try to take the fun out of All-Star Weekend by explaining how the Dunk Contest is pointless.

I am not immune from proclamations of this sort. The only difference between me and everything else is that I do not claim omniscience.

Instead, I just tell you what I think I know. It is up to you to figure out if I have earned your respect as a hoops thinker enough to take what I say seriously.

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