Jerold Wells Jr., Okori Wadsworth and Michael Tillery Pick Who Crashes Sweet Sixteen March Madness on TSF Live

Posted in Blogroll on March 21st, 2015 by Michael Tillery


R. J. Hunter pulled up from everything Georgia to upset Baylor.

The greatness of this time of year is encapsulated in the stories. The stories of how teams got to this point, and by extension, how those teams advance. Georgia State (14th seed, 25-9 overall), with their no smoke and mirrors coach, Ron Hunter, seems to be the team everyone is pulling for in this version of March Madness. We all know the story of Hunter rupturing his Achilles tendon celebrating with his son immediately after winning the Sun Belt Tournament Championship, and the coach of demonstratively comedic soul rock soul cracked his cast on the sideline as his son R. J., pulled up from deep to dispose of favored Baylor and step to the precipice of becoming this year’s Cinderella. The Panthers face an unfazed Xavier Musketeers (6th seed, 22-13 overall) in the round of 32 tonight in Jacksonville (6:10 pm ET on TNT), for the rights to crash the coveted Sweet Sixteen.

Jerold, Okori and I try our hand at who wins and who goes home this weekend. Check the convo below and enjoy the tournament.

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