The Murders of Walter Scott and Eric Courtney Harris: No Peace In Death’s Valley

Posted in Blogroll on April 14th, 2015 by Ron Glover

(Randall Hill/Reuters)

Eddie Bryan gathers his thoughts during funeral services for Walter Scott.

When 50-year old Walter Scott was stopped for a non-functioning brake light on April 4th, I’m sure he didn’t expect to become another symbol of extreme use of force from police among African-Americans. Scott’s primary concern was his child support dilemma turning up when his information was pulled, explaining why he fled his vehicle.

Scott’s 33-year old assassin gave no thought to run down an unarmed man — who was just tasered and slow afoot. He found it easier to fire eight rounds, striking his target five times. The assassin in his call to dispatch states Scott took his taser which led to him to feel threatened and mortally wounding his fleeing assailant.

The Devil is a lie.

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