Justice for Ty Sawyer: His Father, Terrence Garnett, Speaks about the Lack of Due Process in His Son’s Death

Posted in Blogroll on May 5th, 2015 by Michael Tillery



On April 26th, 2015, Ty Sawyer and Patrick Downey fought at a party in Odessa, Delaware. Ty was slammed to the ground, kicked in his head, and died after never regaining consciousness. In the aftermath, Downey hasn’t been charged. Sawyer’s parents, Terrence Garnett and Lisa Sawyer, are demanding justice. Can you imagine the frustration in hearing that no one will be held responsible for your child’s death? Can you also imagine not being notified by the authorities since your son’s death? While Ty’s mom has been contacted, it’s unbelievable that Ty’s dad hasn’t received even a courtesy call from law enforcement, and that disrespect is in partLisa and Ty reason why the diverse Odessa/Middletown community has come together strongly to support Ty’s family. Garnett, appears today on The Starting Five Live to discuss his feelings about all this, because he and Ty’s mom simply want due process. This is about justice and most definitely about accountability. Without justice, there can be no accountability, and bringing attention to this story may result in the justice Ty Sawyer’s family seeks. My conversation with Terrence is below. It is my honor to have done this. Please share this talk across social media wherever there is an opportunity. This needs to go viral. Thanks for tuning in.

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