In Game 3, LeBron James Metal and Matthew Dellevadova Grit Push the Cavs Over the Warriors 96-91


His world. 

LeBron James continued his all out attack on sports history with another monster game in these NBA Playoffs. In Game 3, the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first ever Finals home game, 96-91 over the Golden State Warriors. The Cavaliers now lead the best of seven series 2-1, with Game 4 tipping Thursday at 9 pm eastern, also in Cleveland. James had an otherworldly 40 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 steals and 2 blocks. Matthew Dellavedova scored an unexpected 20, and his gritty play in support of LeBron’s do everything consistency defensively and otherwise, helped the Cavs hold on after yet another double digit comeback by the Warriors — their third in as many games. Steph Curry scored 27 on 10-20 shooting, had 6 assists and 6 boards to lead Golden State, but that was after shaking off a bad first half from the field. Andre Iguodala has 15, 5 and 5, and Klay Thompson had 14 (not enough splash though), but it was good to see Curry shed his shooting woes and get back to his MVP self. He’s the best shooter I’ve ever seen, but the Dubs as a team have to shoot better. They’ve jacked up 69 threes the last two games and have only hit 20 of those attempts. Most of those came in last night’s torrid comeback, but that’s what they do. The Cavs actually shot better in all three facets than the W’s last night with LeBron shooting the same number of attempts as GS (He was 10-12, Golden State was 7-12). Scary is the thought that LeBron can actually have more efficient games shooting the rock, but the pressure he puts on Golden State’s D every time down obviously is having a cumulative effect. Steve Kerr has to make some heady adjustments if the Warriors are to win this series. Tristan Thompson is making himself a lot of money. and contributed 10 points and 13 boards; J.R. Smith had 10 points. Dellavedova was hospitalized with cramps, and Iman Shumpert has a bruised shoulder, so that may or may not become an issue in Game 4. Harrison Barnes cannot go scoreless like he did last night; look for David Lee’s minutes to increase. He had 11 points in a little over 13 minutes, and the Warriors also need his interior passing. I didn’t cover the game last night, but being in that building for 25 games or so, you can best believe as loud as it was last night, the Q will be even louder for Game 4. They can taste a 51 year old selection, and are intoxicated in its worth.

Some commentary below…

This was a true sports moment with the legendary Jim Brown, and one if a 51 year curse is exorcised, will be in every LeBron James documentary — as it should.


This current basketball space is one few of us have seen in our sports lifetime. I’d go back to Hakeem Olajuwon in 1994 as the last comparison, but Dream did it on a much smaller scoring scale, and did have a coach in Rudy Tomjanovich that was true for the moment. LeBron James has taken 117 shots in 3 games this NBA Finals, and has scored the most points ever in those 3 games as well.


Nice convo between Dwyane Wade and LeBron here (via Bro Bible). The former Miami Heat teammates’ chemistry is still apparent, and you have to wonder if Wade won’t join James in Cleveland.  

Tim Grover, you’re on the clock bro.      

“I can’t say I was happy with finishing third, but I didn’t need the extra motivation to put us in the position we are in today.” There is no other MVP in the NBA except LeBron James. He and Serena Williams are the dominate athletes of today, and both pushing for GOAT status. That is, if such a thing exists. Let these legends become legendary so we’ll get a full grasp of their time before us so history is served accurately and completely. There is a lot of series left, and the complexion has shifted as each Finals games passes, but for now, LeBron James is most definitely the King of Rock.   image1 (1)    

Regarding this Michael Jordan…thing. This is LeBron James’ time for history. Sports history. Michael Jordan is now the Charlotte Hornets team owner, and never will play basketball in the NBA again. Evolve. Turn off the TV if the outlets “entertaining” you continue to speak Mike’s name in any comparative measure to LeBron’s. Stop with the demeaning Mike/Bron comparisons for us, the game, and in particular yourselves. These comparisons are condescending, meaningless, sophomoric, dismissive, polarizing and dichotomous. Get. Over. It. Y’all sho like some boogie men. Sports is nothing but a bunch of games y’all. It really ain’t that serious. Way more important stuff is going down in the city of Cleveland, and quite honestly, we don’t need any distractions delaying the conversations we should be having as a society. As far as basketball, the game didn’t begin with Mike and it sure as hell won’t end with LeBron. Many will come through time just as great, and some will yes, be better as sports, athleticism and technology of all sorts evolves. The NBA has marketed individuals over teams, and used the likeness of its stars to generate a worldwide buzz and win economically. So, the next time you mention Michael Jordan, do so with his career context in mind. Anything else is yes, materialistically uncivilized.      

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