What I Think I Know About The NBA Offseason

Posted in Blogroll on July 10th, 2015 by Okori Wadsworth


Where did they all go?

With NBA Free Agency, and the Draft that preceded it all but over, we now have more of a real sense of what the contenders to the title are doing and what the teams from the bottom are looking at to climb to the very top of the mountain.

Top Contenders reloaded, while other teams that were dark horses saw their rosters, and their title hopes, fall to bits around them.

Some teams ran their entire roster, and in the case of one their entire organizational philosophy, back for a 2nd go-round figuring that the best thing to do was simply to try again and see if they could improve on past performance.

Two of the leagues one-time Tiffany franchises, 1 more recently than the other, struck out into the free agent bazaar with money and opportunity, and found drastically different responses waiting for them. The trick with one is that they ended up shopping at the less flashy end of the market after buying something enthralling that may not fit. The other is still looking, and has a lump of coal in one hand and a trash can in the other.

And then there’s Sacramento; poor misguided, utterly confused by the whole process, broken Sacramento. Mitch Richmond is not walking through that door, Sacramento. Neither is Doug Christie, Bobby Jackson, or even Jason Williams.

Here’s what I think I know about what happened in the NBA’s off season.
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