Jerold Wells Jr. and Michael Tillery Comment on Robert Griffith III and Pick NFL Week 1


Can’t see RG3 ever playing for DC again unless there is an injury. 

Crazy off season huh? I’m sure we’re all glad the drama (Deflate Gate, Spygate) is over and the hitting is to begin in earnest. How did your team do transaction wise throughout the NFL Draft and free agency? There are many injuries that might decide the outcomes of entire conferences as well as the return of the best running back in the NFL, Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. Jerold and I talk RG3, and a few other things before we get to the picks. Audio is below. Enjoy the game tonight and power up for Sunday Funday this weekend. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you enjoy the show!


5 Responses to “Jerold Wells Jr. and Michael Tillery Comment on Robert Griffith III and Pick NFL Week 1”

  1. Gee Jordan says:

    Great job guys.. I couldn’t disagree more with your points about RG3. I lived in the DC area during the RG3 era and he needs to accept some responsibility for what has happened there; it can’t be everyone else s fault. His chummy relationship with Daniel Snyder undermined Mike Shannahan’s power and to say the current head coach has never done anything is ridiculous. You don’t become a HC without doing anything in the NFL. Andy Dalton had great numbers under his tutelage, though he was terrible in the playoffs.

    I like the Vikings too. My only question for them is at the wide receiver spot.

    Keep holding it down Mike… And why no ads on your page? You need to get a few $$’s for your time, but I know you’re already Ballin’!!!

  2. mapoui says:

    why is it a negative to be chummy with the owner?

    and if the owner wants to be chummy with a player, how does that player tell the owner to buzz off, that he is making life difficult for the player with the coach… that the coach in retaliation will get him killed by shutting down his protection and calling plays that exposes him to vicious hits that may kill him?

    it seems to me that people can be chummy as they feel like it, and that some head coaches are actually actively paranoid and quite murderous by nature

  3. mapoui says:

    how can the job and personality of a head coach who has won 2 super bowls and enjoyed great success over his career, had built a reputation as a genius of football etc., be undermined by a chummy relationship between a rookie but popular player and the man who has contracted both..head coach and rookie.

    the rookie has no power at all in the situation and cannot possibility be a decisive actor in the situation, no matter how good he is. that ought to have been clear to all as well as the fact that as resulting the rookie was exposed by the owners apparently appreciation of him, and what turned out to be an emotionally insecure head coach who was not undermined directly in any way by the rookie, but who hated the rookie from the start, because he is black, an african american.

    Grififin as a black young man, would have had to be crazy to try to undermine Shanahan as a rookie..indeed get involved in any such way between two established white men. Shanahan may have undermined himself with his obvious paranoid personality

    Shanahan found himself in the untenable position of being compelled to draft the Griffin whom he did not prefer for racial reasons, and wanted him out of his way, off his team if he could find a way to get rid of him. and try he did in what looks like a difficult to prove but obviously felonious way, that can be defined as attempted murder or some kind of serious physical assault charge…both crimes under the law of the land

    Robert Griffin the third is guilty of nothing in Washington DC as a football player save regular human ego and such rookie trappings.

    it is the adults in the room who contrary to their public aura are racist, emotionally flawed, incapable of using their greater experience and power in any sane way, save and murderously..and probably sadist in the case of Dan Snyder… who has exposed his prized rookie to the utterly savage intent of 2 consecutive head coaches he hired.. the one he currently maintains against his openly savage intent towards Griffin, now 4 years into his first football contract.

    suspect sadism on the part of Snyder who apparently is the one who insists that Robert Griffin be kept on the team, yet does not intervene to protect his quarterback from harm at the hands of the obvious murderous intent of Jay Gruden, the head coach in question. to keep and not protect in such a situation is maintaining a savagery one apparently likes, enjoys, which is sadism.

    the one particularl event in question that exposes the situation in washington, is Gruden, with a porous offensive line in an unimportant pre season game, called 3 consecutive pass plays that exposed Griffin to vicious hits… one of which led to a concussion. there was no positive football logic of any kind to that play calling. it was extreme football ill logic in fact, incompetence which could and should have led to the firing of Gruden.

    and if it was not football ill-logic and incompetence, then it was done with malicious intent, a likely felonious act, which also should and could have led to the firing of Jay Gruden.

    such incompetence on the part of the head coach can be approached only in those 2 ways none of which flatters the washington organization and the head coach. and none of which supports the contention of Griffin’s culpability in the situation in which he finds himself. in fact in that situation in which Griffin is not the creator and the major actor in exposes him to murderous harm. and my fingers for one are crossed in hope that he will escape it on piece soon enough.

    Griffin has been singularly unlucky to have fallen to the washington NFL franchise in the draft. that is his onl fault, all that is wrong in the situation..Griffin being drafted by washington. Griffin is blamless in all the ways he is criticized in this long running farce that Dam Snyder a clear lunatic who has no business owning a foot ball team is responsible for.

    Had Griffin been drafted by Robert Irsay the flow would be been the opposite of what has taken place since. Shanahan would have had white Andrew Luck with whom he would have been happy. and Robert Irsay, a real football conscious owner bent on winning would have created a situation to help Griffin win, as he has done for Luck..or his great African American head coach he hired, Tony Dungy.

    the totally aggrieved party is Griffin..and I don’t understand how come african american criticize him as we do. it is ridiculous that african american brothers on that football offensive line are suspected of deliberately ignoring their blocking duty, that they are paid for, to expose their brother and colleague… harm.

    that is utterly sick if true, totally contemptuous of our own..of all the players involved, black, white other. what the hell on earth could Griffin have done or said to deserve that?

    this is a seriously disgusting and ill situation all round, one that Daniel Snyder should have moved long ago to clean he should not tolerate on his football team for a second. that is what makes him unfit to own a football franchise. Snyder for this situation alone, in a long running sore of an ownership of a major sports franchise, should be made to divest by the NFL.

    no one asks that which begs: how is it Snyder, a billionaire wih capability to get the best available advice, fires Mike Shanahan for among others factors I am sure, inability to deal effectively with Griffin… then goes out and immediately and hires Jay Gruden who clearly, publicly, hates Griffin even more than Shanahan appeared to.

    that is utterly disgusting and ought not to have happened at all. Dan Snyder is the maverick and idiot bullet in this football mess, that has been utterly destructive of Robert Griffin the third, a perfectly fine young american male, black or white or other.

    I find it incredibly disgusting to hear and see people flippantly toss Griffin under the bus ascribing blame to him he could not possibly be responsible for.

    Robert Griffin is responsible for nothing in washington other than being a young man looking to make a career for himself with all the ego and mistakes of young men in the world growing up. are we going to justify his destruction for that..when we take it in stride with almost everyone else?

    I do not agree with Gee Jordan at all!

    and Gruden is more than incompetent. he is crazy for sure, as crazy with racism on the opposite side, to our insanity as victims of racism for centuries.

    and to define Grudens insanity one can simply compare the work Gruden has done in washington, with work Mike Zimmer, his fomer colleague in Cincinnati, has done in Minnesota…during the same time frame ..and with a black, first round quarterback no less

  4. Public relations is a helluva drug Mapoui!

  5. mapoui says:

    and man there are so many anomalies and contradictions in the mix it ought to blow to hell up in Snyder’s face. but it does not. you are right..its the PR drug

    look at this: Gruden was supposedly hired because he promised to develop Griffin..but immediately proved the opposite, displayed a visceral and intense and clear hate for Griffin

    so what then..did not Gruden lie to Snyder and got himself hired under false pretense..a firing offense?

    why, in that event has Gruden been maintained as head coach if Snyder isnt in full agreement with whats going on..especially since we were made to understand that Gruden was hired to help Griffin?

    so who is lying in this..the media reports, the PR obviously.

    Snyder appears to have been aware, must have know of Gruden’s attitude from the start and hired him anyway. that is deliberate and intentional attack on Griffin.

    that is the only logical conclusion in this. and Snyder has kept both Gruden and Griffin for what possible sane and logical purpose?

    there is none of that anywhere in sight. there was and is no possibility of washington winning with that combination. so what is Snyder’s purpose them..what is he running the team to accomplish, what does he want given that his football polices cannot possibly produce a winning team anytime soon?

    and how does the resignation of the concussion doctor fits in should be very interesting indeed…might help to expose Snyder as culpable for the mess..that he is a sadistic destructive lunatic behind all going on in washington.

    nothing like this can go on for so long save the owner, the boss is complicit. and the NFL as well for the leagues office and the commissioner must know whats going on…but do not intervene.

    the NFL is a sick league when Ben Roethlisberger can get away with , rapes, and tom Brady gets away scott free with certain cheating to win a football game..and Dan Snyder, an obviously ill man can own a football franchise for 16 years, make a pigs breakfast of its chances, as well as ruin its public persona and also get away with it

    my hope is that Griffin gets out of washington in one piece, moves on to another team..or goes home to a different career altogether.

    from the players union to ownership the NFL is now rotten to its core, unable to reform itself. a certain type of player unduly gets heavily punished with union agreement, while some players/owners get away with murder.

    the farce of the Union fighting the commissioner on Brady’s behalf, to overturn his decision, on the power that the union itself gave to him in labor negotiations.. is the fun of the heavens as it exposes the really traitorous and hypocritical. the union fights for Brady but is absent or lightweight on the real issues that affect players

    I wonder what Donovan McNabb advised and warned Griffin of back when he was drafted..was it really Shanahan ..or in fact warned of Snyder himself?

    prolly both!

    I am perfectly happy that Griffin isnt playing. I hope he does not play this year at all..and at the end of it run away from washington as fast as he can