@TSFSports Week 9 NFL Picks: Newton vs. Rodgers; Luck vs. Manning

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You better recognize. If you haven’t, you’re too late. 

I have a piece on Cam Newton coming next Sunday titled The Rise of the Black Panther. Check for that.

When Andrew Luck and Cam Newton starred in college, it was easy to see both having success one day in the NFL on Sundays. Now that both are in the league leading their respective teams as entrenched franchise quarterbacks, the two are in lockstep with their predecessors still doing the league much damage in Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. Tom Brady notwithstanding, Rodgers and Manning are leading very talented teams at the mid-season point as well, and face the future of the league today in Newton and Luck. Cam Newton quarterbacks the lone undefeated NFC squad at home vs. one of the most feared teams of this season coming off a demoralizing loss to Manning’s Broncos on the road. Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers mates haven’t lost consecutive games with him under center in 5 years, so this is a true test as Carolina climbs the NFL elite ladder. Andrew Luck leads his underachieving and reeling Colts coming off an exhilarating loss to Newton’s Panthers vs. a dominant Denver defense, and a Manning led offense that just got richer after landing Vernon Davis, late of the San Francisco 49’ers.

Great week in store for fans. Ron Glover will return next week to pick Week 10. For now, batten down the hatches. Arizona, Baltimore, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City and Seattle have the week off to recharge. They’re gonna need the energy in this electrifying NFL season. My son Gaston and I picked the week on The Starting Five Live last night. Our audio follows the picks.

Let’s get it…

1 pm slate

Featured game: Green Bay 6-1 at Carolina 7-0

Carolina has won 11 straight. Coming off a 400 yard passing day in his first NFL game and heading into Green Bay to face Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, Heisman trophy winner, and the number 1 pick in the 2011 NFL draft, Cam Newton threw for another 432 and ran for 53 yards and a score. He also threw for a TD, but as incredible as those back to back games were record setting, the Panthers lost the game 30-23. A last ditch drive to tie and send the game into overtime stalled inside the ten, but surely looking back on that exciting effort, Cam Newton would rather have had the victory. He passed for over 4k and ran for 700 that season, setting a quarterback rushing touchdown record as well, but Carolina didn’t win many games that season and were not even a contender in their own division. There are no moral victories, so today, at home vs. the 6-1 Packers, Newton looks to finally defeat a Green Bay squad with the world watching. Aaron Rodgers is the definition of how offensive coordinators should use mobile quarterbacks, but as Cam Newton physically and mentally matures, he’s become the prototype for any multi-versatile quarterback that will ever live.

There is no quarterback that should be running off center at any time during the game, but Cam Newton is proving to the league that his physical prominence is even above an NFL elite athleticism and strength level, so defensive coordinators better utilize their mike linebackers as spies if they want to stop Newton from gashing them up the middle from his quarterback spot. He has always been one of the best weapons in the league to run and pass at the goal line. Aaron Rodgers was dismantled vs. Denver’s beat your ass defense. He rarely has lost back-to-back starts (15-0 and he’s amazing with 47 TD’s vs. just 7 picks), but today they face an up and coming juggernaut with an elite defense and offensively leading the league with 144 rushing yards on the ground.

If the Panthers win this game, the worst they’ll do is 14-2 barring injury. Cam running the show and Luke speed knocking that sick defense is just too much for the league right now.

Green Bay may be mad, and Rodgers doesn’t lose after losing the week before, but they’re not stopping this Carolina train. Not at home. Cam does it in the air and on the ground vs. a familiar opponent. Panthers, 37, Packers 17.

To the skinny of it…

Washington 3-4 at New England 7-0

Patriots 48, DC 7. Nothing else to say.

Tennessee 1-6 at New Orleans 4-4

Saints 37, Titans 17. New Orleans begins to roll. 

Miami vs. Buffalo. Both teams 3-4

Pickem game, but Buffalo rolls as Tyrod Taylor comes back. 30-10.

St. Louis 4-3 at Minnesota 5-2

Rams defense is elite, but Teddy Bridgewater leads the Vikes over the Rams 20-17. 

Jacksonville 2-5 at New York Jets 4-3

Jets defense is just too good. NY 20-3.

Oakland 4-3 at Pittsburgh 4-4

Derrick Carr and Amari Cooper are baby beasts, but the Steelers need this game more and win 24-17.

4 pm slate

New York Giants 4-4 at Tampa Bay 4-3

Jameis Winston is becoming quite the NFL story early, and it won’t stop today. Buccaneers 24-20.

Atlanta 6-2 vs. San Francisco 2-6

The Niners of next year will not resemble this season’s personnel. Blaine Gabbert, in his first Niner start, understands Colin Kaepernick’s pain. Falcons 36, 49’ers 3. 

Denver 7-0 at Indianapolis 3-5

Andrew Luck and the Colts might be floundering at 3-5, but they still lead a weak AFC South. Young Luck will fight with all his might, but even with a weakened Hall of Fame arm, Peyton Manning and the Broncos will trounce his former team 40-14. 

Sunday Night Football

Philadelphia 3-4 at Dallas 2-5

Once upon a time, this game was the jump off, but with Philly ineptitude and Dallas injury concern, this game is just another on the schedule.

Romo and Bryant shake off the rust, but Philly wins on the road 24-23. 

Monday Night Football

Chicago 2-5 at San Diego 2-6

What a wack ass game. I’ve never heard a quarterback get so much love for a sorry ass team. Philip Rivers losing Keenan Allen hurts a little more. Bears 27-20. 


Audio of my son and I picking this week is below. 

Enjoy the games!


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