Michael Tillery, Ron Glover, Matt Mauer, Montez Roberts and Karl Morris Talk LeBron James and Cleveland Winning the NBA Championship


I said it all when LeBron James won his first title, but since ya’ll just don’t get it…

Some of y’all are talking really crazy right now as if last night was some sort of anomaly.

Winning 3 straight (twice on the road) vs. an almost unbeatable home team ain’t no fluke yo.

Regarding the historical greats, who has done as much as LeBron with less?

Wilt or Dream? I’d agree, but besides those two, who ya got?

He had to hear for the last two years that Steph Curry is the best player on the planet.

He proved to everyone who the best player in the world is, and say what you want about 73-9, but I’ve said it many times that NO ONE in this league is more valuable to his team than LeBron James.

He sonned Steph Curry these last three games.

Instead of maniacally trying to find a LeBron alternative, why not appreciate greatness as it is so time will be full of respect and truth?

Those blocks on Steph are now metaphors.

Quit that best team ever BS with the Dubs. It ain’t true, and never was true at any moment during this run.

The bigger stronger team always wins.

When matched up with Bron and a fully loaded team, Golden State faltered.

Credit Cleveland’s defense wouldja please?


No diss to my man Dre Iguodala, but LeBron was the MVP in last year’s Finals as well.

The Dubs stole one last year as the Cavs scrambled to find a second to LBJ because of injury.

Y’all can talk Mike this and Kobe that, but neither of them did it without TREMENDOUS help, and BOTH won with Phil Jackson on the bench.

You can talk Magic and Bird, but neither ever played as much DEFENSE as LeBron did in junior high, so if you’re pushing them ahead of him, yes they were great, but neither ever was the total player he is and will continue to be along this time still in his prime.

That crazy ass early season narrative that he’s fallen off because of back issues and simple wear and tear?

How ya like him now?

7000+ minutes than any other player over the last 13 years, and he still got it done robotically tired as hell.

I’m glad he shut y’all the hell up.

I root for him because he’s smart enough to destroy the pandering narrative (protective of ownership as if ownership is our daddy) that athletes need to just shut up and play ball as if their elite talents are subservient to the hearts and minds of fans who’ve never even dunked in a game.

Read between those lines.

I’ve been critical of him for not taking a bigger stance on Tamir Rice, but through it all, there’s no better human in sports that is a combination of greatness as an athlete, father, husband and man.

I’m wrong?

Who ya got?

Continue to shut em up LeBron. It’s interesting how you’ve quickly turned the haters into cheerleaders.

Book him in next year’s NBA Finals as well.

That’ll be 7 straight Finals, and 8 overall, since he entered the league in ’03.

Haters, get your pom poms ready.

“You suckas…”

Audio is below of Ron Glover, Matt Mauer, Montez Roberts, Karl Morris and I recapping Game 7.

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  1. GrandNubian says:

    Great stuff, miz. I couldn’t have said it better.