@TSFSports Week 3 NFL Picks: Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Josh Norman: The Rematch

Posted in Blogroll on September 24th, 2016 by Ron Glover

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Washington’s Josh Norman prepares to square off against Gotham’s Odell Beckham Jr. in their first of two divisional meetings this season. 

In Week 15 of the 2015 season, the New York Giants faced the then-undefeated Carolina Panthers. It became clear from the outset the match-up between Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Panthers cornerback Josh Norman would be closely monitored. The normal physical and verbal jousting between the two Pro-Bowlers turned borderline dirty as personal foul penalties were assessed and threats of ejections were issued. The Giants posted a furious rally, but fell short to the Panthers 38-35 as Beckham Jr. and Norman were both levied fines and Beckham Jr. was issued a one-game suspension for launching himself at Norman, making helmet to helmet contact.

Since signing with Washington in the off-season, Norman has continued to chirp, while Beckham Jr. has remained relatively quiet about their two scheduled meetings as new division foes. Norman comes at the Pro Bowl receiver in his book “Panthers Rising” as told to Charlotte Observer writer Scott Fowler:

“Now don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player or whatever, but he’s not what he thinks he is. If you hit guys like that, if you completely jam them and shake them up, they can’t relate to that. So they start making excuses like, ‘Oh, he touched me.’ They don’t know how to respond because they never got hit like that. So me, every time I see him, I’m going to hit him in the mouth. I don’t care. Until he stops crying and b—-ing.”

Time to put up or shut up.


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