Golden Dreams: How To Save USA Weightlifting

Posted in Blogroll on May 10th, 2017 by Okori Wadsworth

CJ Cummings: Bring More To Join Him.
Photo Credit: Theophil Syslo

Football is America’s national pastime. More young people play that sport than anything else, and combined with basketball, it is genuinely understood to be the best way to earn a college athletic scholarship.
But in the pursuit of that scholarship many young athletes, who would do great things, may suffer the sort of concussions and brain trauma that affect them adversely later in life.

The question inherent in that previous paragraph is this: How long will football continue to be America’s national pastime? How many more stories like the ones we’ve heard about Mike Webster, Mark Gastineau, Dave Duerson, Junior Seau and others will we have to hear before people decide enough? How many more Joe Thomas stories, where he’s confessing to having the beginnings of memory loss RIGHT NOW, will we need?

Let me state this again: Joe Thomas admitted, on an interview with Graham Bensinger, that he is suffering from the beginnings of memory loss at the age of 32 while still an active player in the NFL.


Just as important to the point, unless you have been touched by the hand of whichever higher power you believe in, your NFL career will last 2.66 years on average. That’s not even 3 full years. And after your three years are done, when you’ve beaten your body into a pulp and possibly suffered CTE, what will you have to show for it?
What if I told you I had a way to always be remembered, always be thought of as special?
My solution may be a tad controversial, and will require some patience and a willingness to stretch yourself beyond your initial understanding. But here goes:
Some parents, and if you’re the parents of a young son playing pee-wee football this especially applies to you, should start putting their kids in Olympic weightlifting classes right now.

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