Amir Khan V. Zab Judah: Brooklyn Versus Britain

Posted in Blogroll, Boxing on July 23rd, 2011 by Okori Wadsworth


This Saturday night in Las Vegas, Amir Khan will face Zab Judah in a junior welterweight fight from Las Vegas. To be clear, despite the promotional literature telling you it’s a title unification, it’s not for the Ring magazine title which is universally accepted as the real championship belt. But Amir Khan is using this fight as a chance to make a name for himself, and to see if he can maybe bait top-ranked Timothy Bradley to step in the ring with him and settle that specific championship vacancy.

So here’s the question for Amir Khan: Can he make that climb from a guy who is on the pound-for-pound outskirts to a guy that can create a mandate for himself?

But for Zab Judah, the question is different, but no less important. Can Zab Judah, a guy who has always been marked by what he hasn’t been able to do as much by what he has, finally make that step up to a great fighter? Or will he sink back down to a gatekeeper?

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Floyd Mayweather: An Appraisal

Posted in Black Athletes, Blogroll, Boxing on January 29th, 2010 by Okori Wadsworth

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This was not necessarily a hard article to write. Some of them have been, but this one wasn’t. You see… Floyd Mayweather is a polarizing figure on our little corner of the sports information superhighway. You mention his name and there are a whole bunch of people who freak out one way or the other. Some people think he can do no wrong, and others think that he is the biggest fraud in boxing today. I have watched most of, if not all of, Floyd’s fights and I’ve come up with a few things both positive and negative.

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