NBA Playoffs Last Night: DeShawn Stevenson Strikes Back

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(AP Photo/Nick Wass)
Had 5 threes.

Washington Wizards 108, Cleveland Cavaliers 72

Cleveland leads series 2-1.

Cleveland had one 8 straight playoff games versus Washington.

Last night was just incredible and because of it DC will forever be official.

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#4 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. #5 Washington Wizards 1st Round Eastern Conference

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The Cavs swept the Wizards last year. Is there anything that’s gonna change? Yes.

Funny, when I previewed this series last year Gilbert was on the bench suited up with Caron Butler on the outside looking in. The two teams are bringing back childhood memories for me personally and conjuring images of Doc and Marques Johnson going at it again and again this time of year. Look for Gilbert’s game awareness to be elevated in an ambitious attempt to match LBJ’s.

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