Politics as Usual

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“Down to Maryland…all the way over there at Morgan State…” RZA – Ain’t Nothin’ Ta F— Wit

I love sports, because like our lives…anything can happen without a moment’s notice. On Wednesday, January 7th, the Morgan State University Bears, traveled south on the beltway to College Park, MD to play against the University of Maryland. What would eventually happen is something that brings joy, and pain.

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ESPN Double Standard? Why Wasn’t Bonnie Bernstein Suspended? Will Leitch Gets Ethered the “Respectable” Way

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Apology seems suspect. Listen to the audio and hear for yourself below

ESPN’s Bonnie Bernstein recently made some comments on Mike and Mike’s radio show that all should find offensive. The question to me is, why hasn’t she been suspended like Jemele Hill?

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Just a Little Something For Will Leitch and The Starting Five Interviews Buzz Bissinger

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I know this is gonna start some shit, but somebody’s gotta put the blogsphere on notice and it might as well be us. I don’t agree with everything Buzz says, but the man has been around long enough to have earned the respect for his words whether you like them or not.

Braylon probably didn’t know what hit him. He wanted that PTI Tony Reali button bad

Uh….Go Blue!

Just gotta get something off my chest. The check and balance is never personal, always business…for it’s our destiny…

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Boss’s Boycott: The Bonds Vanishes By Dave Zirin

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How many home runs would Barry Bonds hit if there weren’t so much of these?

DZ stops by TSF yet again to drop some real rap on Bonds being grounded

The Commissar Vanishes is a coffee table book for only the dourest of coffee tables. The hard-covered volume is a photographic compilation of the way that Josef Stalin systematically erased his chief political opponents, Leon Trotsky and his followers, from the history of the Russian Revolution.

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California Dreaming

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It never rains in Southern California, however when it does…it pours.

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Why ESPN Why?

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ESPN chose to do this to Miguel Tejada under what guise? Was it about PEDs and getting rid of all remnants of steroids even though many White players are who took PEDs are still in the league?, getting him deported, bringing to light how the Dominican Republic siphons players into MLB, embarrassing him, getting him thrown in jail, pandering to a sick and twisted demography, showing their true colors, ratings or making a name for themselves and winning an award?

Anything else I forget?

This was just foul! I’m disgusted!

And then the getaway sentiment was giving a token appearance of caring about how he grew up in poverty?

What was your aim here E:60?

Harold Reynolds Settles With ESPN

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Joined MLB.com in June of ’07

The AP has reported Harold Reynolds has settled his lawsuit with ESPN.

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Throwback Thursday: Hank Gathers

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As college basketball teams across the country participate in their respective conference tournaments it serves as a reminder that March Madness is among us.

Before the Madness, yours truly takes a moment to reflect on the memory of Hank Gathers as it reminds us of how precious life is. Read more »