Wednesday Morning Starting Five: March 25, 2009

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The Professor Griff interview will be posted a little later on tonight after I get back from my daughters softball game. Whassup people? What’s goin’ on? Everyone having a good week so far? Hopefully that’s a guuud.

Hall of Fame player and broadcaster George Kell is remembered. (Detroit News)

NBA News. (

Julian Bond and Benjamin Todd Jealous write about the NAACP and it’s relevance. (The New Republic)

The son of a mayor arrested and folks wonder if he’ll get off lightly. (The Advocate)

Professionals, middle class losing out on income and opportunity. (Final Call)

Rekindling Pan-Africanism’s message of Black greatness (The Gleaner)

You know who you are…


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“Caught a glimpse of myself in the Barney’s shop window…kinda see my father’s features creepin’ in a little…”

Nas – War

There is a debate within the NBA and various media outlets that asks the question of who is the better, or best NBA player, Kobe Bryant, or LeBron James. Most recently with Bryant netting 61 points, and 3 assists last Monday in Madison Square Garden, and James following that up with 52 points, and a near triple-double in the same building…the discussion has escalated to a fever pitch. Last week LeBron was on the cover of GQ, and Sports Illustrated, and Gentlemen’s Quarterly outright claimed King James as the best while SI alluded to the fact that both he and Kobe are the best.

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Out of Bounds Rick Mahorn: Will the Fight Between Candace Parker and Plenette Pierson Change the Scope of the WNBA?

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Detroit Basketball

A change is gonna come, but don’t compare this to the Detroit/Indiana “brawl”. If you do, that’s irresponsible. This is the WNBA not the NBA

As I write this in my best attempt to stay clear of being judge and jury, a fight occurred during a basketball game in a familiar venue. If the Palace at Auburn Hills rings a bell, then you must understand that there has been one too many fights in this Detroit suburb.

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Black Power

“Why is the American black man so complacent about being trampled upon? Why doesn’t the American black man fight to be a human being?”

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Fight the Power

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A Vision in BLACK

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We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this Earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Malcolm X

This may seem a bit capricious when compared to how I usually write, however its quite the contrary. A quiet storm has been on the horizon for a few years…its just that I do not talk nor write about the trouble on my mind very often. This is a message to the BLACK journalist, about how and why we are essential to the media.
Sheed AG

‘Sheed and AG at their best in North Philadelphia

I am not going to give the negativity within the media against black people in America any love or support by mentioning them. If you have been paying attention you would know exactly who and what I’m trying not to talk about.

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California Dreaming

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It never rains in Southern California, however when it does…it pours.

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NBA On TNT Playoff Notes: Kobe Bryant Finally Gets His Shine

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(AP Photo/Mark J. Terril)kbmvp.jpg
Does this look like a team led by a selfish superstar?

Game 1: Detroit Pistons (86) @ Orlando Magic (111) – The Pistons lead the series 2-1.

Announcers Marv Albert and Reggie Miller with Pam Oliver reporting

Miller on how Pistons center Jason Maxiell has found a successful way to post-up Magic center Dwight Howard: “(Jason Maxiell) has posed a lot of problems for Dwight Howard, who is about four inches taller (than Maxiell). He is using his legs to get underneath Dwight Howard a little bit down low. He’s not worried about the upper body strength of Dwight Howard He’s trying to get into his legs and bring him down to his size.”

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The Dark Knight

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“Show me a hero, and I will write you a tragedy.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald Frustration
Not hiding…the court–and his family–is his solitude

Kobe Bean Bryant is the story of how a child from West Philadelphia, grew into a man of worldwide acclaim. It has been 12 years since the fabled NBA Draft of 1996…within that class are the likes of Allen Iverson, Marcus Camby, Ray Allen, Steve Nash, and Jermaine O’Neal, however none of them are as intriguing as the enigma that is Bryant.

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NBA On TNT Playoff Notes: The Spurs Are In Trouble

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(AP Photo/Duane Burleson)


Get back young boy!

Game #1: Orlando Magic (93) @ Detroit Pistons (100) – The Pistons lead the series 2-0.

Announcers: Dick Stockton, Mike Fratello and Pam Oliver reporting

Fratello on Pistons center Rasheed Wallace getting off to a good start: “Rasheed’s ankle is better in case you were concerned.”

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West Side Story

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Not the greatest

Michael Jordan is not the greatest basketball player of all-time. That statement could never be true, because of the rich history the game offers. If the argument was based on the number of NBA Championships, then the greatest would be Bill Russell. Not only did he win 11 titles, he endured Jim Crow laws and racism, making the game of basketball and life for that matter a lot more difficult. If you rather talk about dominance, then you need to look no further than Wilton Norman Chamberlain.

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The Best Dunks of 2008

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Just a little something for your dunking pleasure.

I don’t know about #1 that was too tame for my tastes but Rudy Gay’s dunk gives ya the Gas Face.

Notes from the TNT NBA Playoffs Conference Call: The West Is Going To Be A Bloodbath

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Could this be the year KG and PP do the damn thing?



Notes from the TNT NBA Playoffs Conference Call

Wednesday, April 15, 2008

TNT tips off its “40 Games in 40 Nights” of NBA Playoff coverage on Sunday, April 20 with a first-round tripleheader (times TBD).

I got a chance to be a part of this call today with a lot of NBA beat writers across the country. I really appreciated Reggie and Charles’ honesty on some subjects. Can’t wait till Sunday.


Charles Barkley – TNT NBA studio analyst

Reggie Miller – TNT NBA analyst

Jeff Behnke – Turner Sports executive producer

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Mo Cheeks Gets My Vote For NBA Coach Of The Year

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Mo has the Sixers playing well at both ends of the floor

Picked by anyone with an NBA soapbox to finish last in the Eastern Conference, it’s safe to say that the Philadelphia 76ers have been reading their press clippings – thus proving the so-called experts wrong. The 76ers are currently tied for the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference.

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The NBA: Where Reseeding Can’t Happen

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For a small fee, I can do other tricks as well

The NBA will not look at reseeding the playoffs to include the best 16 teams regardless of which conference they’re in. I know it seems like the logical thing to do considering a 48 win team might be in the draft lottery, but trust me it isn’t going to happen. You know why? Money.

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The Cardinal and the Blue Jay: An Excerpt of The Son Of Melancholy Jazz

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It’s been 20 years since my Mom passed. For anyone out there who has lost a parent, you know it doesn’t get any easier. I go through my own personal Ides of March every year, but as time passes, I’m able to reflect and recollect on the memories that have shaped my present existence. This is why I implore us all to have a sense of urgency, because when life is gone, it’s gone.

On March 13, 1988–Mom’s birthday, I had to work at 12 midnight and woke from a nap around 8. My sister and I were sitting on my bed laughing hysterically at something or other before Mom called around 8:30. I was in a giddy mood considering I’d tried to reach her earlier and wish her Happy Birthday to no avail. I fell asleep worrying, so when I finally heard her voice, I was noticeably relieved.

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