How Will the Country View the Democratic Campain for the Presidency After Today?

Posted in Barack Obama, Democrats, Govenor Ed Rendell, Hillary Clinton, Pennsylvania Primary, race, race and politics, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Rocky Balboa on April 22nd, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Is it me or could Hilary been seen as a Republican in all of this? She’s going hard on Barack…for what? That’s a look every man knows.

Today is a pivotal day that will go a long way into shaping which Democrat will win the nomination.

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Barack Obama Speaks In Philly and Leaves No Doubt

Posted in Barack Obama, Blogroll, PA, Philadelphia, Presidential Election, race, racial polarization, Racism on March 18th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Simply an amazing speech. No other words are necessary.

Doug Williams: Soul Survivor

Posted in Blogroll, quarterback controversy, race, race and quarterbacks, Race and Sports, race relations, Racial Divide, Racism in Sports, Washington Redskins on January 31st, 2008 by Ron Glover


The life journey of Doug Williams is one we can all pull inspiration from.

The quarterback position has been a microcosm of the Black struggle in America – a door supposedly “open to all” – except for us of a darker hue who continuously knock, kick and scream until an answer comes.

For eighty years, the Black man has fought tooth and nail to be in position to lead a professional football franchise to glory. Many came before Doug Williams some may have even been better skilled. But looking back on the life of Douglas Lee Williams, none were better prepared.

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