The Silent Glove: A Father’s Wish For His Son to Reconnect With Baseball

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Dedicated to Gaston…

Called you Jigga way before Hov ‘96 stepped on the scene

First word football, named after Gaston Green

When you were not yet born, I was only 18

Point guard lean, quarterback gleam

Athletic skills mean, leader of the team

Father’s love, pushed aside, diminished and shoved

Maintain your focus Gaston, if you need, look above

Do you smell the leather? Son grab that glove!

Yes, of course the baseball dream is in me

My dream is mine son, not for you to blindly be

For this moment is your life, from 93 to Infinity…

On Wednesdays in the summer of 2003, my son and I would cross the street to the local high school and play “Fifty.”

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ESPN Double Standard? Why Wasn’t Bonnie Bernstein Suspended? Will Leitch Gets Ethered the “Respectable” Way

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Apology seems suspect. Listen to the audio and hear for yourself below

ESPN’s Bonnie Bernstein recently made some comments on Mike and Mike’s radio show that all should find offensive. The question to me is, why hasn’t she been suspended like Jemele Hill?

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Friday Fire: Where’s the Furor Over Pat Buchanan?!?

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Code words are for the rich snitches bitch who went out and switched…’cause damn right that’s what he gets…

When you have White folk referencing 400 years ago then you know you’re foul.

Chris Mathews tried to hold it down but couldn’t call Pat out for what he is because he saw his Pop…eh…or maybe his crazy uncle?

Pat, No Brothas Allowed?

Why is this man still on TV?

Who does he represent?

Do our kids really need to know who this cat is?

Is this a case of racist old assness?

Pat..You betta listen to ya corner and Watch for the Hook.

Do You Remember?

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No words needed

Friday Fire: What Will Barack Obama Have To Do To Get Elected?

Posted in Barack Obama, Blogroll, Jeremiah Wright, politics, racial dichotomy, Racism on March 21st, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Run by The Commission for not Cousins in a Jungle but Brothers on a Quest
Is this a dream or someone’s nightmare?

There seems to be a serious and madly determined campaign to smear Barack Obama at all costs. You would think America had enough of Republican politics after the last 8 years.

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Barack Obama Speaks In Philly and Leaves No Doubt

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Simply an amazing speech. No other words are necessary.