NBA On TNT Notes: Barkley on Dallas,”Once someone says you’re soft…everyone is going to test it.”

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Get back Stack!

Smith on the Dallas Mavericks being intimidated by their opponent the last two playoffs: “Last year, the Dallas Mavericks were intimidated to a degree by the Golden State Warriors. And it wasn’t just the fact that (Golden State) was better than (Dallas), but they felt they could be physical with them and they could intimidate them. So now it’s the first round against New Orleans and they are going to do what Golden State (did).”

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We’ve Forgotten Our Negro League Past Part 2: Interview With Senior Writer Justice B. Hill of

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Could you imagine looking out from the plate and trying to find a hole in this outfield? Arguably three of the best of all time

In Part II, Justice and I get into some issues that need to be addressed as well as the Willie Mays/Hank Aaron who is better debate. I’m spreading this interview out in hopes that baseball might seep into our collective psyche. Justice brings up some very important points as to why the game isn’t being played in the Black community and how we can address this dilemma. If at all it’s that important…

Part III will be posted next Monday.

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LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen VOGUE Cover Causes Racial Stir…And No One Understands Why???

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What the…
This ain’t no coincidence. The enlistment pic was sent to me by a prominent writer soon after the issue hit the stands. It’s the same damn pic. The weapon of choice is different and Gisele isn’t topless, but you get the idea. Annie Leibovitz definitely has some explaining to do for this bullcrap–Mizzo

Once again a national publication has taken the liberty of pissing off the Black community. The April issue of VOGUE focuses on NBA superstar LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and supermodel Gisele Bundchen, girlfriend of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The cover of the magazine draws comparison to the King Kong/Fay Wray pose – James is shown baring his teeth, clutching the waist of Bunchen with his shoulders hunched in a gorilla-like pose. This recent development opens the door for James, who is arguably the most popular player in the NBA to address this issue and others concerning race in sports and how Blacks – specifically how Black men are viewed.

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