Gilbert Arenas Keeps Promise, Signs For Less and Still Gets 111 Million

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One of the best interviews in sports

Gilbert Arenas wants desperately to win. He’s one of the most eccentric players in the L, but he sho nuff gives it too you straight. He’d promised the Wizards he would take less than the max so they could have enough cap room to sign other players to make the team a viable contender in the East.

AG and I went to a couple of Wizards/Cavs playoff games (fellas the Wizards pr staff is just ridiculous…especially that one in the blue dress (or was it green?) huh AG?) and you could visually see just how injured Agent Zero really was.

Yes, Arenas did sign for 111 million, but for a player to turn down 16 million dollars from his own team is just unheard of. Gil, what about Zero the 25? How’s he gonna get the kicks he needs?

Dude is loyal as well. He informed the team he would not resign unless they kept Antawn Jamison (which they did at 4 years, 50 milllion).

In signing for 6 years with a talented team—who happen to play in one of the most sickest arenas–Gilbert IMO, has moved into the upper echelon of real rap athletes.

He’s not going to pick a ball up until August, but trust he will be back in full force come training camp.

Good luck brothaman.

NBA On TNT Playoff Notes: “I hate to see Avery Johnson (get fired) but coaches are going to get fired.”

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(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)
Whassup Etan? What’s good with you?

Barkley on the Mavericks and the Suns making personnel changes: “I hate to see Avery Johnson (get fired) but coaches are going to get fired. Mike D’Antoni in Phoenix pushed for the Shaq (O’Neal) trade. Hindsight is 20/20 and the trades did not work. I thought it was admirable of Dallas to get Jason Kidd. I thought it was admirable for the Suns to get Shaq. The Suns lost because they don’t play any defense. The Mavericks lost because they aren’t a good team top-to-bottom. I know that Jason (Kidd) is going to get the blame, but they aren’t a very good team.”

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West Side Story

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Not the greatest

Michael Jordan is not the greatest basketball player of all-time. That statement could never be true, because of the rich history the game offers. If the argument was based on the number of NBA Championships, then the greatest would be Bill Russell. Not only did he win 11 titles, he endured Jim Crow laws and racism, making the game of basketball and life for that matter a lot more difficult. If you rather talk about dominance, then you need to look no further than Wilton Norman Chamberlain.

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NBA Playoffs Last Night: DeShawn Stevenson Strikes Back

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(AP Photo/Nick Wass)
Had 5 threes.

Washington Wizards 108, Cleveland Cavaliers 72

Cleveland leads series 2-1.

Cleveland had one 8 straight playoff games versus Washington.

Last night was just incredible and because of it DC will forever be official.

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NBA On TNT Playoff Notes: It’s About Time TMac

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(AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac) tmaxul.jpg
When you are a “superstar” much is expected. That’s just the way it is

Smith on Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas: “Gilbert Arenas plays better when the attention is on him, he’s an attention seeker. He’s got blogs, he’s got everything else that goes on to draw attention to himself. He plays better when the spotlight is on him. He’s back in the line-up so it may give (the Wizards) an extra jolt.”

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NBA Playoffs Last Night

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So what.

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#4 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. #5 Washington Wizards 1st Round Eastern Conference

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The Cavs swept the Wizards last year. Is there anything that’s gonna change? Yes.

Funny, when I previewed this series last year Gilbert was on the bench suited up with Caron Butler on the outside looking in. The two teams are bringing back childhood memories for me personally and conjuring images of Doc and Marques Johnson going at it again and again this time of year. Look for Gilbert’s game awareness to be elevated in an ambitious attempt to match LBJ’s.

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