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Post-Katrina: Former Saint Joe Horn Personally Remembers the Aftermath (Special to Bleacher Report)

Room for Debate pieces in The New York Times

My archive on The Shadow League

And of course, the stuff here on The Starting Five:

Could Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid Both Average a Triple-double in the Same NBA Season?

A Love Letter to NBA Players Association Executive Director Michele Roberts

LeBron James: The King of Rock

 LeBron James: The First Hired Gun Superstar?

Myron Piggie: The Scarface of Amateur Basketball

 Adam Silver’s Sterling Quandary of 40 Million Dollar Slavery

TSF Greatest NBA Playoff Moments 4/20/86: “God disguised as Michael Jordan.”

The Iconic Soul of Allen Iverson

Dez Bryant: yet another reason why perception is simply a lazy and false view of reality

NFL Week 3 recap and commentary: Panthers QB Cam Newton orchestrates a 38-0 shutout

@TSFSports 2013-2014 NFL awards predictions and commentary

@TSFSports links for 8/22/13 (featuring Chuck Brown and Antionette Tuff) Pick your dream NFL skill positions

@TSFSports links for 8/21/13 (featuring Kem) Happy Birthday Wilt Chamberlain (Commentary)

Tip-Off 8/13/13 (featuring Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica): K Dot’s verse on Control is just a Hip Hop wake up call

Tip-Off 8/12/13 (featuring @ScHoolBoyQ and @kendricklamar) @KingJames does it for the kids

Streaming the Small Screen: For Sports, Broadcast Is Still Best (Written for New York Times Room for Debate forum)

Hot-Headed Taunts Lead to Athletes’ Cold Shoulders (Written for New York Times Room for Debate forum)

Overscheduled Pros Could Use a Boost (Written for New York Times Room for Debate forum)

Sunday Spoken Word: Jordan Black and Red Chicago Clouds

TSL Q & A: Pete Rock (Part 1) (The Shadow League) 

TSL Q & A: Pete Rock (Part 2) (The Shadow League)

TSL Q & A: Amani Martin, Director of ESPN 30 For 30 Doc “Ali: The Mission” (The Shadow League)

Y’all Got Moss’d (A piece on Randy Moss’ comments about being the GOAT) (The Shadow League)

Top Five NFL MVP Candidates (Non-QB Edition (The Shadow League)

TSL Top Five: Best Benches In The NBA (The Shadow League)

Stan “The Man” Musial Was One of D. Originals (The Shadow League)

Ray Lewis Will Retire As The Baddest Man Of His Generation (The Shadow League)

This Is The Carmelo We Always Wanted (The Shadow League)

Legacy U: University of Michigan (The Shadow League)

Brett Hundley Bum Rushes The Show (The Shadow League)

Andrew Bynum, Please Have Several Seats (The Shadow League)

Andy Reid, Philly’s Finest On Sidelines (The Shadow League)

Oh so the Eagles season is all Michael Vick’s fault? Philly fans, what reality did you miss? (some ’12 stats that were thoroughly dismissed so a Vick narrative of holding onto the ball for too long was able to flourish as if the offensive line wasn’t also the problem)

Andy Reid

Doubt Mike Woodson At Your Own Peril (The Shadow League)

Falcons’ Julio Jones Is The Real Deal (The Shadow League)

Ethel Cee: Philly’s Lyrical Piranha (The Shadow League)

Color Coded: What do Cam Newton and RG3 have in common? Not a helluva lot (The Shadow League)

LeBron James Gets His Ring: Long Live The KING! (A must read)

LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant: Jupiter Heat in the land of Zeus Thunder

In Game 6, Miami beats Boston 98-79: In the clutch, LeBron James goes Wilt Chamberlain 45-15-5 (mostly commentary)

Andre Iguodala and the High Expectations of Mountains Moving

In Game 3, Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes Propel Sixers Past Bulls 79-74

Canton Bound: Brian Dawkins Retires from the NFL After Sixteen Seasons with Eagles and Broncos (short commentary of my interaction with Weapon X)

Dwight Howard and the Magical Land of Unreasonable Doubt

The Anatomy of a 400th Win Starring Doug Collins, Will Smith, Doc Rivers, Elton Brand, Trayvon Martin and Black Star (Elton Brand offers some perspective on the slain youngster)

Nuggets Gold Rush: The Return of Andre Miller Dooms the Sixers in OT Thriller 108-104 (Andre Miller returned to Philly, so I felt compelled to write a 4,000 word recap…with quotes of course)

After the Most Dramatic of Years LeBron James is Looking to Destroy

The Starting Five for 1/5/12: Message to the Messengers: Hannibal Ante Portas!

Cam Newton Your Demise Is Begging to be Televised So Be Careful What You Say (Short to the point)

The Starting Five for Thursday December 22nd 2011: Will the Sixers Finally Reconcile With Andrew Toney in 2012? (I really hope this happens)

The Starting Five for Monday, December 19th 2011: Packers Undefeated No More; Brady Shows Tebow How It’s Done (A bring the narrative to the middle Tim Tebow commentary)

A Family Mourns: Will There Be Justice For Jaquille Tidwell-Johns?

Carmelo Anthony: “Athletes today are scared to make Muhammad Ali type statements.”

Why Does Serena Williams Catch So Much Shhhhhhhh?

Mother May I

The Black Athlete Today (piece I wrote for The Nation Magazine 2nd Sports Issue)

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Derrick Rose Create the NPA (A concept for the top 80 players to start their own league while the NBA locks ’em out written in July)

CC Sabathia Gets It Done For the Yankees

Answers From Around the Web Regarding LeBron and the Miami Heat: Change the Narrative (writer’s from around the web participated) Must read.

The Dallas Mavericks Are NBA Champions; The Miami Heat Are Not

Eagles Fans, Do Not Set Yourself Up for a Skull Crush…Just Don’t Do it

David Stern Gets His Gotham City Wish: The New York Knicks Acquire Carmelo Anthony

The Mavs Send The Thunder To Summer School 100-96 and Move On To The Finals: Some Thoughts On Dirk, Durant and Westbrook (Mainly Dirk)(2011 Western Conference Finals Game 5)

Miami Scorches The Respected Boston Celtics And Put Heat Haters On “Suicide Watch” (2nd Round 2011 NBA Playoffs)

Donovan McNabb Comes Home To Michael Vick Knowing and Grooving His Philly Throne

The Hate LeBron James Love Made

The Cardinal and the Blue Jay: An Excerpt of The Son Of Melancholy Jazz

The Black Quarterback: Change the Narrative

The Third Evolution, Julius Erving: Whirl Dervish Whirl

The Kid, The Son, The Natural, The Legend: Ken Griffey Jr. Retires

Stephen Strasburg and the 14 K’s of Time

LeBron James and the ESPN Broadcast of Free Agent Indifference

Et tu, Cleveland Fans? How Does LeBron James Kill Six Birds With One Throne?

Carmelo vs. LeBron: The Battle of the NBA Planets Becomes an Overtime Shootout

Wednesday Morning Starting Five: 5 Years to Yell and Black

Thursday Morning Starting Five: ESPN Story Spiked; They Should Have Never Had Access LeBron

Friday Fire: What Was That Date Ya Wished Ya Forgot?

Donovan McNabb Traded Within the Division to the Washington Redskins? The Kevin Kolb Era (Error?) Has Begun

Donovan McNabb: The End of a Philly Era?

Even When Michael Jackson Dies, Hate Becomes the New Love?

November 4th, 2008: Is Today the Day America Elects a Black President?

Georgetown vs. Villanova: The Opposite of a Rival’s Mind

Friday Fire: Who Stole the Soul?

The Steve McNair Tragedy: A Column

Fear of a Black President

Kobe Bryant: A Distinction in Commitment

Dwyane Wade: The Silence That Goes Boom

It’s Time For Donovan McNabb’s Legacy To Be Law

The Return of Allen Iverson Beats a Philly Beat

Friday Fire: What is the Responsibility of the Media?

Why Don’t Journalists Call Out Their Own?

Crew Pop: Love it or Leave it Alone (A message to writers. Follow it if you can. It’s all in the beat)

The Blood of Experience

Revenge of the Sixth: With the Pittsburgh Steelers, it’s All About Patience

Barack Obama officially becomes the 44th President of the United States

The Day Before the Philadelphia Spectrum Became a Dream

When Are the Eagles Gonna Win One for Don?

A Dream’s Shadow Cast For the Dense Shallow

Game 1 Boston/Lakers, Chats with Dr.J and Bob Ryan

USA Senior Men’s Basketball Team Wins the Gold Medal Despite Ourselves

Put Up Or Shut Up

Black Mustard: A Commentary On Why Some Black Athletes Celebrate

Lamar Odom Stands Up

Pearl Spun So Kobe Can Spin

Derrick Rose Is the Most Athletic Point Guard Ever

The Time Is Right: Magic Defeat the Sixers on a Rashard Lewis Three

The Heat Cook the Wizards

The Oklahoma City Thunder Search for An Identity

The Sixers Lose to the Phillies

Terrelle Pryor: The Rebirth of Sick

David Price and The Tampa Rays Defeat the Boston Red Sox and Advance to World Series

NYOIL Interview Part I: Hip Hop 1968 Black Is Back!

Just a Little Something For Will Leitch and The Starting Five Interviews Buzz Bissinger

The Sixers and Knicks Are Ready For Transistion (Piece Added Below)

Sixers Media Day: How Far Will The Philadelphia 76?ers Go (Story added below)?

As Hurricane Gustav Touches Down, A Remembrance of Hurricane Katrina

Allen Iverson returns to Philly

Linking Dr. J to Kobe Bryant

The Class of Donovan McNabb Prevails

Repeat After Me: Why Haven’t the Philadelphia Eagles Front Office Given Donovan McNabb Talented Receivers?

The Silent Glove: A Father’s Wish For His Son to Reconnect With Baseball

President Barack Obama

Jason Whitlock Steps Up

Yet Another Bad Example of Satire President Obama Will Have to Deal With

Randy Moss: The Strength, Speed, Charisma and Fallacy of 81

CC Sabathia: The Next Great Pitcher Electric

My Man Joey 55 Live Porter Speaks Out On Matt Jones

Friday Fire: Vince Young, Whatcha Gonna Do Bruh?

The Courage, Resolve and Responsibility of Reggie Williams

A Historic Moment For All of US: Barack Obama Officially Becomes the First Black Man To Win A Party Nomination for President of the United States

Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Ya Column Is Garbage Edition

THE NEW YORKER Too? What the Fuck!!! (Yeah, I was mad)

America Goes Nuts Regarding Jesse Jackson’s Off Air Comments About Barack Obama

A Well Needed Discussion On the LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen Vogue Cover With Ed Berliner

This Is Why You Should Have Spoken Up Tiger Woods

Andre Miller: The Reticent Alchemist

A Year After Barry Bonds Became the Home Run King His Absence Begins to Sting

Chris Paul: Moral Ruggedness

Hillary Clinton Does Her Job

Barack Obama Selects Six Term Senator Joe Biden As Running Mate

Michelle Obama Addresses the Democratic National Convention

Is This a Joke? Brett Favre Is the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year?

Marcellus Wiley’s Response To Jason Whitlock’s Black KKK Piece

A Quarterback Controversy? Best Believe McNabb Is Done In Philly

The Sad State of the 76’ers

Friday Fire: Do Blacks Need Their Own Hall of Fame?

Breaking News: Barry Bonds Indicted On Perjury and Obstruction Charges

Barry Bonds: The Soul of Power (MichaelTillery.com)

Tiger’s Voice: A Universal Roar (My first ever piece)

Bonds Will Boycott Cooperstown If 756 Has an Asterisk and It’s Fine With The Starting Five

Buck Honored (finally!); Beckkkkkkkkket; Bonds Upset; Grady Jackson Cut?; Ricky Davis Loves the Heat, The Chargers Do Not

Buggin Out: Stephen A. Done at the Philadelphia Inquirer. OJ Who, What? Imus is Back, so are Dusty and Tom Osborne. What about Minnesota 1998? Etan get well soon. Jaws just shut up!

Remember When?

November 4th, 2008: Is Today the Day America Elects a Black President?

Kobe and the Lakers Will Win In Six!

Friday Fire: Why Does Kobe Bryant Catch So Much SHHHHH?

The End For The 76’ers

Philly’s Playoff Run: This Ain’t Over

Ryan Howard: 6 Epic

Sixers Break Out In Transition

Isiah’s Nightmare (Satire)

Ain’t Nothing Wrong With The NBA

Donovan McNabb, Randy Moss, Chad Johnson: Decisions, Decisions

Friday Fire: Is There Hope for Jason Whitlock’s Writing?

This Is the Difference Between Bill Cosby and Jason Whitlock

#34 The Death of Kirby Puckett (MichaelTillery.com)

Driving While Black Black coaches in the NFL (MichaelTillery.com)

Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard: A Difference in Stylin’ (A little freestyle poetry)

Friday Fire: Why Allen Iverson Needs to Come Back Home and Retire a Philadelphia 76’er

Improbable. Unrealistic. Not going to happen. Could it? Eagles defeat Cowboys 44-6  (Urban News Wire)

Eagles Top Browns in Monday Night Game (Urban News Wire)


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1/2/14 D. K. and Mike talk perception of Black vs. White quarterbacks, the college quarterback landscape, Jaedeveon Clowney, Lovie Smith and Jay Cultler.

1/3/14 D. K. and Mike talk Saturday playoff games, Ohio State vs. Clemson in the Orange Bowl, news on Andrew Bynum and Josh Freeman, LeBron James the locker room leader and more.

1/6/14 DK and Mike recap the weekend NFL Wildcard games, touch on Charlie Strong the new University of Texas head coach as well as pick the BCS Championship winner between the dominant Florida State Seminoles and the heart stopping Auburn Tigers.


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