Potential Personified: A Little Convo With Pacers Shooting Guard Paul George

Posted in Blogroll on January 18th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

Could he be the best of his draft class?

Covering the 2011 draft, I noticed a different vibe when Paul George was mentioned. There was a distinct buzz. Drafted 10th by the Indiana Pacers, admittedly I didn’t know much of the Fresno State product out of Palmdale, CA. Someone showed me a few highlights and I immediately knew he was the type of player who could become a NBA star. You could tell in his demeanor he’s always on the level…almost like a quarterback…he’s never too high or too low. Some say he is similar to Tracy McGrady (I say Scottie Pippen) and the comparisons are understandable being T-Mac is athletic and skilled. Paul George is a tremendous athlete…one of the best in the game…but there’s something different about him. Before George and I talk, I got some words from Frank Vogel…who himself is a young up and coming coaching talent. The contending Pacers are playing well early and get production from all over the floor. That versatility is something Paul George has a firm grasp of and it’s no question the young player will be fun to watch.

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