The Greatest College Basketball Players By Conference Pt. 4: The Big Twelve

Posted in Blogroll on March 31st, 2012 by Okori Wadsworth


Because the current NCAA tournament is going so well, I would argue that this is the best time to look back at the conferences during the last year that the conferences are as we know them. The ACC was first followed by the Big East and the Big Ten. Next up, the Big Twelve.

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Thursday Morning Starting Five: March 12, 2009

Posted in Blogroll on March 12th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

This night job is making sure I don’t see any NBA games during the week unless I’m working an actual game. Damn I wanted to see Lakers/Rockets. Ron and Kobe go way back. Check the interview. As far as work? Got to make the donuts so it’s chillllll. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

7 links for today.

Ron Ron gets lit up by Beans (L.A. Times)

Texas Tech’s Mike Singletary goes off for 43 in early Big 12 action–including 29 straight. Epic. (Houston Chronicle)

USA loses to Venezuela in Group C finale (

Shoe thrower gets three years? (Al Jazerra)

Why the poor stay poor (NY Times)

Google goes phone (BBC News)

Hip Hop Chess? (NBC Bay Area)

Had to include this as well because I saw it live. Republicans crack me up trying to deflect blame for the economic downturn. How much did we spend a month in the war? Get over yourselves and take the blame so we can all move on. 2012 is a long way way so stop trying to position for the takeover because you blew it when you had the chance. Ari Fleischer snaps back at Chris Matthews below. It was hilarious when Chris paused and said “What?” I laughed real loud.

Bobby Knight Resigns From Texas Tech, Effective Immediately

Posted in Blogroll on February 5th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Say what you will about Knight, but he graduated 98% of his kids

Wow I guess Bobby Knight and John Chaney are goin’ fishin’ sooner than we all thought. I’ve had mad issues with Knight that have nothing with his abrasive style. We need more men coaching our kids who demand respect but whipping brothas and choking cats just ain’t cool. Plus he had Michigan’s number no matter who was on the roster (I think he beat the Fab Five four times by one point). In all the years I’ve been following college basketball, I think we blew them out one time–back when Louis Bullock was our mad bomber.

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