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The Starting Five Live radio show on

1st show: Keith Bulluck, Ryan D., Hunter Hillenmeyer

2nd show: Kaliesha West

3rd show: Tim Grover

4th show: Stephane Matteau and Traevon Jackson

5th show: Allen Iverson, Jim Calhoun, David Aldridge, Theo Ratliff, Ekrem Negra and Devon Givens

6th show: D. K. Wilson

7th show: Ben Shapiro and D. K. Wilson

8th show: D. K. Wilson

9th show: Matt Whitener and D. K. Wilson

10th show: Bob Ryan, Cedric the Entertainer and J. J. Williamson

11th show: The second part of Bob Ryan’s interview

12th show: Grant Hill, Dennis Scott, Marlon Williams and D. K. Wilson

13th show: Jemele Hill and D. K. Wilson

14th show: Conclusion of Jemele Hill’s interview and D. K. Wilson

15th show: Leigh Steinberg

16th show: Conclusion of Leigh Steinberg interview, Seth Davis (Wooden: A Coach’s Life) and TSF EIC Ron Glover 

17th show: Part 1 of Bomani Jones and D. K. Wilson convo on sports journalism with respect to race. Tillery speaks with Jim Brown as well

18th show: Part 2 of Bomani Jones and D. K. Wilson convo. Super Bowl 48 is the topic as well as Andrew Bynum’s signing with the Indiana Pacers

19th show: Detroit News Pistons beat writer Vinnie Goodwill talking NBA and Ryan D the Giants fan talking Super Bowl, Eagles and Giants 

20th show: GQ and writer and NBA TV commentator Lang Whitaker talks NBA All-Star Weekend, LeBron, Durant and David Stern

21st show: Former 5-time NBA All-Star and current TNT NBA analyst Chris Webber breaks news of his upcoming documentary 

22nd show: The man who challenged the NBA regarding its underclassmen rule and won comes on to talk NBA/ABA and much much more…Spencer Haywood 

23rd show: Carla Aikens and I talk women’s issues in sports and media, the effect of twitter and her most unique choices for an NBA all-time 3 on 3

24th show: Charlotte Bobcats shooting guard Gerald Henderson Jr. 

25th show: Former NFL DE/LB Hugh Douglas

26th show: Hugh Douglas and Michael Tillery discuss DeSean Jackson’s release from the Philadelphia Eagles

27th show: One of the original members of TSF, Dax Devlon-Ross comes on to talk about the site, labor and college athletics, the Final Four, advanced stats etc.

28th show: Recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Nolan Richardson talks about his career, influences, players and conviction

29th show: Chris Webber, Dennis Scott and Reggie Miller talk LeBron James in a Michael Jordan context; My daughter Taylor talks redemption

30th show: Erik Williams, Nate Newton, Michael Irvin, Hugh Douglas and Mike Quick speak on their careers pretty much everything else and Erik’s foundation event

31st show: Chuck D stops by and talks Donald Sterling, athletes and making political statements, LeBron James, education, etc.

32nd show: Part 2 of Chuck D

33rd show: Part 3 of Chuck D and The Last Poet, Kobie Colemon

34th show: Reggie Miller and Greg Anthony; Hugh Douglas co-hosts

35th show: Country singer Imaj talks about her career and self-titled CD 

36th show: Former AAU coach Myron Piggie discusses his side of a scandal that rocked college basketball

37th show: Writer Wendy Parker talks Title IX, the World Cup in Brazil, coaching women’s sports and gender as well as NBA Finals reaction

38th show: NBA Draft analyst Matthew Maurer recaps the draft and comments on Philadelphia 76ers picks  Part II we discuss LeBron James here on TSF

39th show: Matt Law (formerly DJ Phsh) talks Philly Sound Konnoisseurs; The Baseball Girl throws shade on the New York Yankees 

40th show: Legendary DJ Cash Money talks the craft; Cleveland Plain Dealer writer/reporter Branson Wright talks the city return of LeBron James

41st show (Part 1): ESPN analyst/writer/reporter Howard Bryant talks sports journalism, Yankees/Redsox, writing outside of your passion, etc. 

Part 2 of the Howard Bryant interview airs here on TSF

42nd show: Cole Wiley talks to The Starting Five Live about his movie, After the Storm

Part 2 of Cole Wiley interview airs here on TSF

43rd show: James Carr talks The Jig Is Up

44th show: reporter Zuri Berry talks Patriots, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski, Vince Wilfork and NABJ Boston

45th show: Final Call assistant editor/investigative reporter Ashahed Muhammad talks Mike Brown, Chicago, Gaza strip in Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of Ashahed Muhammad

46th show: Will Strickland and I talk Mike Brown and the militarization of Ferguson, Missouri

47th show: Naj Grant and I talk NFL football in the NFC; Jerry Jones and Adrian Peterson; Kenny Hill and Kevin Sumlin; USC, Steve Sarkisian, Anthony Brown and Josh Shaw; LeBron James, Andrew Wiggins and Kevin Love; Manny Pacquiao and Metta World Peace

48th show: Nigel Broadnax talks his young path in journalism and TSF EIC Ron Glover and I predict the 1st week of the NFL season