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104th show: On my two year anniversary show, I have my good friend Vivian Crosswhite to talk the shooting at UCC in Oregon, our first memories of Hip Hop, predicting tomorrow’s NFL Sunday, and also commenting on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March

103rd show: A mashup of my children featuring Michael, Gaston and Taylor. I’m so proud of them, and it’s pretty incredible they’ve become these functioning adults set on making a global difference. As parents, we always remember our kids as toddlers pulling on your pants leg totally dependent on us. When they grow, that all changes and independence blooms. I love you three. Thanks for being a part of my professional journey. It has not been easy, but I promise you our collective strength will move the crowd not through dreams, but through influential action. Let’s get it Chillerys. This is what we do. This is most likely the last of these mashups as my two year anniversary approaches next week. Your support is so love. Thanks for everything everybody

102nd show: We have another mashup heading into the 104th 2 year anniversary show. The 103 will be something similar.  Tonight, we begin with undefeated WBO Heavyweight Champ, Deontay Wilder. He’s 34-0 with 33 KO’s. Next is one of the most legendary musicians in the history of the art, Roy Ayers. Ayers speaks of how his career was sparked by the great Lionel Hampton when Ayers was just 5 years old. Mr. Ayers is followed by Julius Erving and Chuck D speaking of the recently deceased Moses Malone. After those legends, I give you a snippet of my interview with another Hall of Famer, Hakeem Olajuwon on how Moses affected him personally as a youngster landing at the University of Houston by way of Nigeria. Look for his interview in print soon. Next is Bomani Jones and the co-founder of The Starting Five, D. K. Wilson, to talk about Black journalism. We finish up with The Sports Brothers, Branson Wright and Delvis Valentine who speak of the potential for an athlete summit similar to the one headed by Jim Brown in 1967. Rest in power Moses Malone. We’ll miss you Mo

101st show:  A mashup of six former guests. We begin with Spencer Haywood. Spencer speaks on why his name will be forever NBA relevant, and his official induction last night into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. It’s been a 27 year wait, and thankfully that wait is over. Now the kids will know his name when they head up to the hoops history museum in Springfield, Massachusetts. Speaking of great Seattle Supersonics, next is Hall of Fame do everything guard Gary Payton. The Glove comments on talking trash with Michael Jordan, posting up Mike successfully during the 1996 NBA Finals, and the greatness of his long-time teammate, The Reign Man, Shawn Kemp. GP is followed by Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin. The Playmaker played his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys, and gives an entertaining interview on fans in Philadelphia, where he sits all-time regarding NFL pass catchers, and also has a dope story on the late great broadcaster Stuart Scott. Next is one of only four father and son duos to win a Division 1 National Title in hoops. Marques and Kris Johnson speak on accomplishing that feat 20 years apart rocking the same number 54 in Westwood as UCLA Bruins. Such soul models they are. Be on the lookout for Kris’ son, Will Johnson, as he does skillful damage as a six foot three senior lefty for Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. Like Grandfather; like Father; like Son. Very impressive. We finish up with ESPN Numbers Never Lie co-host Jemele Hill. My good friend Jemele speaks on dealing with fan perception, and what song will make her pack a toothbrush after a nice date

100th show: A mashup of former guests featuring lyricist Mack Warbuckz, luminaries Chuck D and Julius Erving, football stars Jim Brown and Joe Horn, Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer John Mitchell, TNT analyst Chris Webber and hot fire up and coming writer TJ Macias

99th show: 4-time NFL Pro Bowl former New Orleans Saints receiver Joe Horn talks 10 years of Katrina; his playing days and his apology to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, as well as his hard criticism of NFL Player Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith

98th show: Author Filip Bondy. From the inset of his current book, The Pine Tar Game: the Kansas City Royals, the New York Yankees, and Baseball’s Most Absurd and Entertaining Controversy: Filip Bondy has been a sports columnist for the New York Daily News for more than twenty years, regularly covering the Olympics, the World Cup, and Wimbledon. Before that, he was an Olympics writer for the New York Times. Bondy’s previous books include a look at the watershed NBA draft (Tip-Off) and a lighthearted view of the worst players in Major League Baseball history (Who’s on Worst?). Filip and I go deep into 70’s baseball in this convo. Since we near the 10th anniversary of Katrina, I’ll have a dope piece drop on a major outlet early next week. Check my social media for that link when it’s posted

97th show: Undefeated WBC Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder. Wilder has knocked out 33 of 34 opponents and is electrifying the division. He has a mandatory defense scheduled for September 26th vs. an opponent to be determined. The fight will take place in Birmingham, Alabama. Deontay was born in Tuscaloosa. We finish up with a snippet of last week’s interview with Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer John Mitchell about what it’s like to report from inside the locker room

96th show: Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer, John Mitchell. John and I have covered many of the same Sixers games over the years, and he comes on tonight to talk the Philly Sports scene as well as tomorrow’s 1st anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder is my guest next week

95th show: Bleacher Report and Fansided contributor Raphael Garcia. Tonight is UFC 190, and Ronda Rousey looks to remain an undefeated juggernaut vs. Bethe Correia for Rousey’s Bantam Weight Championship. Check out Garcia’s piece on Rousey on Bleacher Report’s website. We also talk about the Carolina Panthers as training camp opens around the league. Last but definitely not least, since it’s the legendary Chuck D’s birthday, I speak of the first time I picked up a Public Enemy cassette tape back in 1987. It still knocks

94th show: Author/activist and all around good dude, Etan Thomas. Etan was a 11 year stand out in the NBA, and is one of the few athletes post career that’s committed to remaining a Soul Model in the community. He and Dave Zirin have a radio show on WPFW 89.3 FM in the DMV, and I was fortunate to co-host in DZ’s absence this past Thursday and speak with Eric Garner’s daughter, Emerald Snipes. Check that in the archives on WPFW’s site. Etan and I talk Harlem, NY, the media’s affect on our consciousness, social media, how we talk to our children in the face of police brutality, his Mom, a heart condition that benched him for an entire season, Public Enemy, Janet Jackson, etc. Those saying we don’t focus on the overblown term black-on-black crime, Etan Thomas is Exhibit A of someone who is on the ground doing all he can to change that perception. Shout out to OSN as well. RIP Ty Sawyer

93rd show: Valley Brook Outreach Baptist Church Pastor, Curtis Johnson, talks Charleston shootings, empowering his congregation and society at large

92nd show: Kim Sharpton (Kool Kim of UMC’s Hip Hop group fame, and later NYOIL) and I talk about Bill Cosby. This is a different show in that Sharpton interviews me of how Cosby has affected me personally — exclusive of the very damaging allegations levied against him

91st show: High rising filmmaker Deon Taylor. Taylor directed a great ’14 film, Supremacy, starring Danny Glover, Joe Anderson, Dawn Olivieri, Derek Luke, Evan Ross, Lela Rochon, Mahershala Ali, Julie Benz, Nick Chinlund, Robin Bobeau, Anson Mount, Alex Henderson, Jenica Bergere, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Tyrin Turner and written by Eric J. Adams. Check it out on all streaming platforms. You will be affected. The film is about a white supremacist (Anderson) just out of prison, and traveling with Olivieri with hopes of starting a race war. Anderson’s character shoots and kills a black cop the same day he gets out and later holds Glover’s family hostage. It’s an intense film as relevant as ever in these times of civil unrest. Taylor’s project, Meet the Blacks, starring Mike Epps, George Lopez, Paul Mooney, Lil Duval, Lavell Crawford, Mike Tyson and others drops Halloween. His transition from overseas pro basketball player to director is an inspiring one. Shout out to Robert Cooper 

90th show: ACC legend at University of Maryland and ESPN basketball analyst Adrian Branch speaks on his career from hoops to media

89th show: Another soul model for our time, Linda Day, comes on to talk Rachel Dolezal, music, social media and kids, the NBA Finals, and culture in general. Linda’s work is featured in Upscale Magazine, and she’s an entertainment/covers & features editor. She’s an expert of the arts, culture & architecture. She’s as unpretentious as they come and I appreciate when she comes on. I finish up with some commentary on the Charleston shooting

88th show: Richard Rossi discusses his film, “Baseball’s Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories”. Roberto Clemente is a Titan of the sport, and any film documenting his greatness of man is much appreciated. Clemente was the first Latino to be enshrined into the National Baseball Hall of Fame after being elected posthumously in 1973. Clemente, a Puerto Rico native, died in a plane crash en route to Nicaragua on New Year’s Eve in 1972 to provide aid after the country was hit by an earthquake. The previous season, he collected his 3,000th hit and was a .317 career hitter. The 1976 MVP was also a World Series MVP in 1971 (he hit .414 with 2 home runs over the favored Baltimore Orioles), and was a 12 time All Star. The film is available on check it out.

87th show: NBA Hall of Fame do everything guard, The Glove, Gary Payton. GP is one of the best point guards to ever do it, and one of the top defensive players of all time — if not the best

86th show: Anthony Gilbert (@AXGilbert) talks the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, Riley Curry and why there should be no problem with her sitting at the podium with her MVP Pop, Stephen Curry, LeBron James and his sons Bryce and LeBron Jr., the New York Yankees, sports reporting in general, Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, music in the city of Philadelphia, and his clothing line, AXG Apparel (@AxgApparel). Anthony and I have covered many a sporting event together, and he’s a credit to sports and society in general. He’s the definition of what you know me to call a soul model. Featured is a track En Garde by the good brotha Quadir Lateef (@Quadirlateef). Shouts to his sister Zaimah (@zaimahbeloved) who does her thing musically as well

85th show: NBA Hall of Famer Spencer Haywood to talk about how he changed the game by being the first to enter the NBA as an early entry. He’s always an entertaining interview and he didn’t disappoint tonight. Finishing up are Chris Webber and Reggie Miller to analyze the NBA Conference Finals. The audio is from the TNT Conference Finals Conference Call. Thanks TNT

84th show: NBA legend Marques Johnson and his son Kris Johnson. The tandem was on of four father/son duos to win a National Championship, and they did so wearing the same number as UCLA Bruins. That’s quite an accomplishment. Soul models are their measure. I enjoyed this conversation and I hope you will as well. Rest in Blues Power B.B. King. You’re music will live on through your most stellar work. Blues will be highlighted in your death for the next generation because of your incredible talent and driven spirit. RIP Sir

83rd show: Charlotte Hornets shooting guard Gerald Henderson Jr., and his father, who played 13 years in the NBA and won 3 championships, Gerald Henderson Sr. This was a good interview. At the end of the Henderson’s interview, I include a snippet of Terrence Garnett’s interview from earlier this week on my website, Please check that interview out in its entirety. Pass, share it and talk about it. This is national news and we hope Lisa Sawyer and the aforementioned Terrence Garnett, receive due justice for their son Ty. RIP Ty Sawyer. #JusticeForTy #LongLiveTy

82nd show: My son Michael Tillery Jr., comes on to talk the Baltimore uprising, music, and also his squads the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Falcons

81st show: The conclusion of our interview with Ed O’Bannon re: his likeness case vs. the NCAA. Ed tells of a nice story of the late Jerry Tarkanian on the recruiting trail back when O’Bannon had not yet committed to UCLA and wanted to run with the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels. We finish up with Cleveland Plain-Dealer columnist/reporter Branson Wright speaking of his doc The Blur: The Dwight Anderson

Check the trailer here and support if you can. The Blur: The Dwight Anderson is a project that needs to see the light so history is served

80th show:  Ed O’Bannon comes on to talk his landmark antitrust likeness case. This is the first of 2 parts. Ed has some interesting things to say of Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson the NCAA in general as well as what Shabazz Napier said about “going to bed hungry” even as a scholarship athlete at UConn after winning the National Championship

79th show: the conclusion of our exclusive interview with Chuck D and Julius Erving. We finish up with stellar legal analyst Elisabeth Epps to talk the murder of Walter Scott by police officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina. Put that woman on TV please. She knows here stuff and would add such professionalism to any legal or social discourse

Parts 2 and 3 of Chuck D and Julius Erving aired on Chuck’s Beats and Places show

78th show: Part 2 of the Chuck D and Julius Erving interview

77th show: two of the most influential icons of sports and conscious entertainment in recent times. Chuck D and Julius Erving stop by TSF Live to have a dope convo about the past, present and future. I listened and only interjected when I had to, and felt like a kid tugging on the most gifted supernova pants legs…trust. The rest will also air on RAPstation. Time and date to be determined

76th show: conscious lyricist Mack Warbuckz (@THE_IMHOTEP). He just dropped a mix-tape, In Search of Huey P. Newton: Volume 1, that you can download for free over at I dig dude. He’s grounded in the right kind of consciousness in a time where a true soul for life is infinitely needed. Please support this good brotha in his artistic endeavors. Hip Hop needs him and those on the level like him 

75th show: Nelson George and Terri Long. Nelson authored a great book just out entitled The Lost Treasures of R&B: A D Hunter Mystery, and published by Akashic Books. I thoroughly enjoyed this installment in the series. It’s an easy read and you will be entertained. Major props to Nelson George for all he’s done throughout the years documenting Black entertainment the way we most certainly need for it to be passed through time. This via the Akashic Books website: Professional bodyguard D Hunter takes a gig protecting rapper Asya Roc at an underground fight club in poverty-stricken Brownsville, Brooklyn. Unknown to D, the rapper has arranged to purchase illegal guns at the event. An acquaintance of D from the streets (and from the novel The Plot Against Hip Hop) named Ice turns out to be the courier.During the exchange a robbery is attempted. Ice is wounded. D gets Asya Roc to safety but is then chased by two gunmen because he has the bag containing the guns. This lethal chase ends under the elevated subway where D and the two gunmen run into a corrupt detective named Rivera. A bloody shootout ensues. D, who has just moved back to Brooklyn after decades in Manhattan, finds himself involved in multiple mysteries. Who were the gunmen? Why were they after the guns? Who was being set up—Asya Roc or Ice? Meanwhile, he gets a much-needed paying assignment to track down the rarest soul music single ever recorded. With gentrifying Brooklyn as the backdrop, D works to unravel various mysteries—both criminal and musical—while coming to terms with the failure of his security company and the ghosts of his childhood in “old Brooklyn.” Like its predecessors The Accidental Hunter and The Plot Against Hip Hop, The Lost Treasures of R&B uses pop music as the backdrop for a noir-flavored big-city tale. Terri Long comes on to talk the crazy NFL free agency signing period where the Philadelphia Eagles gave fans an off-season charge by making transactions that will be heavily scrutinized for years in Philly

74th show: pioneering interviewer Ann Liguori. Ann has a classic archive of interviews with legends in and out of sports and is posting these great convos, from Wilt Chamberlain and Julius Erving, to Mickey Mantle and Evel Knievel, for free on the site. She’s an honest interviewer and puts her subjects at ease — which gives us a compelling view through genuine conversations

73rd show: my son, Gaston Tillery, is next up on The Starting Five Live mic. We begin talking about the unfortunate injuries besetting the Bull Wonder, Derrick Rose, and have a convo about the NBA in general, music (yeah he spits a few talented bars. RIP Anthony Mason) and also talk about his path in college to eventually become an elementary school teacher

72nd show: Yahoo Sports’ Mark Spears (@SpearsNBAYahoo) talks the most active trade deadline in NBA history. Next is sports writer (his versatile talent really has no label) Sandy Dover (@San_Dova) to have a convo about the legacy of Los Angeles Lakers icon, Kobe Bryant. Sunday on The Starting Five (.net) webiste, Baller Mind Frame (Shouts to Dennis Velasco) Mavs beat writer TJ Macias (@NefariousSiren) talks covering the Mavs, her not so common path to the NBA writer realm and what’s next for her outside of sports. She’s a beast

71st show: That Michigan Fab Fiver do-it-all swingman Jimmy King stops by to rap a little bit deeper of those iconic years in Ann Arbor when the B1G, as well as the rest of the nation, had experienced talent all over the floor. It was a time athletes stayed four years for the most part, and the youth of Michigan created a future wave where age, yes, is simply just a number.You know how I do with Go Blue, so to serve this up for time, Jimmy (@jimmyking24) and I go definitive

Part 2 of Jimmy King’s interview will air here on TSF coming soon

70th show: Tonight on the 70th edition of The Starting Five Live, I talk with sports writer Dave Zirin (@edgeofsports) about the aftermath of Super Bowl 49 and specicially a piece he penned for The Nation regarding a rather dubious last play that will go down in not only Super Bowl history, but sports history.Next is DJ Mark Da Spot (@DJMARKDASPOT) to speak about his new business association with Sol Republic as well as how he rocks clubs across the good music land.This is Dilla Day. Dilla tracks make up the music on tonight’s show. Thank you Jay Dee

69th show: I talk with former Pro Bowl linebacker Keith Bulluck (@kbull53) about Super Bowl 49, Deflate Gate, Tom Brady vs. Russell Wilson, and how athletes should interact with media. We finish up with Ron Glover (@RonGloverII) and I talking the Super Bowl and predicting the outcome as well

68th show: On the 68th edition of The Starting Five Live, I talk with Zuri Berry (@zuriberry) of to talk Deflate Gate. Zuri, formerly the beat writer for the New England Patriots, and I make sense of one of the more polarizing stories leading up to the Super Bowl since the ridiculousness story lines developing with Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman just last year prior to Super Bowl 48

68th show continued: Check my two part story on Marshawn that ran on The Shadow League, and also one on Richard Sherman. We’ll see if those stories become even more relevant given how both interact with the media Tuesday on Super Bowl Media Day. Ron Glover returns next week (Check our Super Bowl analysis via audio here on The Starting Five). We’ll get our previously scheduled guest for this week, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on when his schedule allows. I start the show with a tribute to Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame shortstop, Ernie Banks. We lost a Titan and please research the sum of his most stellar baseball career — from starring with the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro Leagues, to becoming the prototype short stop in the Major Leagues

67th show: I talk with and NBA TV analyst Sekou Smith (@SekouSmithNBA). He and I rap about the amazing season to date of the Atlanta Hawks, LeBron James, NBA expansion abroad, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and who Sekou would pick in an ultimate 3on3 hoops tournament. Next, the EIC of The Starting Five (.net), Ron Glover (@RonGloverII) and I pick NFL Championship Sunday. Follow me on twitter at @michaeltillery

66th show: Natalie Crue (@NatalieCrue) and Nora Rahimian (@norarahimian) stop by #TSFLive to talk about Culture Fix (CultureFix_). Natalie and Nora are impressive in how consciously aware they both are in these very critical social times across the globe. They just don’t do it from an American perspective and that worldly balance will help shift the conversation from an emotional to a common sense context. Next, Ron Glover (@RonGloverII) and I (@michaeltillery) pick and predict the NFL’s Divisional Playoff round as well as the College Football Championship Monday night

65th show: On the first edition of 2015, music producer House Shoes (@houseshoes) stops by to talk J Dilla, Hip Hop in the now, producing tracks, spinning records around the globe, and the police brutality rocking our culture today. Head over to and check what he has available in the new year regarding his label Street Corner Music. Next, Ron Glover (@RonGloverII) and I pick and predict what will go down on NFL Wild Card Weekend

64th show: On the last show of 2014, legal analysts Carla Aikens and Elisabeth Epps speak on police brutality protests gripping the nation before the world and the legacy of Kobe Bryant; TSF EIC Ron Glover and I pick NFL Week 17

63rd show: TNT NBA Analysts Chris Webber and Greg Anthony talk athletes and making statements; Branson Wright and Delvis Valentine talk Andrew Hawkins’ most eloquent statement regarding police brutality in recent killings, and Christmas food, grub and songs; Ron Glover and I talk NFL Week 16

62nd show: EIC/Co-owner Jessie Karangu talks his rising journalism career, college protests and Pulsefeedz; Ron Glover and I pick NFL Week 15

61st show: Poet/producer/publisher/performance artist jessica Care moore talks her career, her iconic win at the Apollo, what’s next for her in music and the current wave of police shootings of unarmed Black men; Ron Glover and I pick NFL Week 14

60th show: Author Len Joy discusses his novel American Past Time; legal analyst Elisabeth Epps talks no indicment in the killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson; TSF EIC Ron Glover and I pick NFL Week 13

59th show: Comedian J. J. Williamson talks with me about everything from LeBron James to Ferguson, Missouri; TSF EIC Ron Glover NFL Week 12

58th show: ANIMAL New York contributing editor, Amy K. Nelson, talks her transition from sports, reporting from Ferguson Missouri and a funny story she did last year on the Fear of a Black Santa; two way high school senior lineman Tre Collins talks his last game and what he has in store as a collegiate athlete; Ron Glover and I pick NFL Week 11

57th show: Legendary vibraphonist Roy Ayers talks his career; Hip Hop sampling his work, working with the late Guru, etc.; TSF EIC and I finish up talking NFL Week 10 (Part 2 airs on TSF Monday morning)

Roy Ayers and I Part 2

56th show: Former Boston Globe reporter/columnist Bob Ryan discusses his new book SCRIBE; Ron Glover and I pick NFL Week 9

55th show: 97.5 The Fanatic sports talk host Kwame Fisher-Jones talks Eagles and Sixers; TNT analysts Reggie Miller, Grant Hill and Greg Anthony talk LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and the down turn of traditionally elite NBA franchises, Celtics, Lakers and Sixers; TSF EIC Ron Glover and I pick NFL Week 8

54th show: Anthony Gilbert and I talk our experiences covering sports in and out of the locker room. We go into Philly basketball on the high school and college level as well as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant and the access we’re afforded as reporters

In Part 2 of my interview with Anthony Gilbert, he drops exclusive news on a commercial airing during every game of the World Series directed by Spike Lee and starring Philly pitching wunderkind Mo’ne Davis. Ron Glover and I finish up picking Week 7 in the NFL as well as touching on Jameis Winston and Percy Harvin. That segment will air immediately following the RAPstation segment that will air at 8:30 pm ET in the above link

53rd show: TSF EIC Ron Glover and I talk Jameis Winston, Todd Gurley, Ferguson, college athletes and compensation and pick NFL Week 6

1 year anniversary show: Advertising writer/Culture and Art Editor Linda Day talks journalism/ Ron Glover Week 5 in the NFL

51st show: Birmingham Southern College Art Professor Steve Cole talks his project, The Hate Project from Birmingham/Ron Glover talks NFL Week 4

50th show: Birmingham Southern College Associate Art Professor Jim Neel talks the 51st anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing from Birmingham/Ron Glover talks NFL Week 3

49th show: Elisabeth Epps talks Roger Goodell, the NFL, Chauncey Billup’s retirment and Ray Rice/Ron Glover talks NFL Week 2

48th show: Nigel Broadnax talks his young path in journalism and TSF EIC Ron Glover and I predict the 1st week of the NFL season

47th show: Naj Grant and I talk NFL football in the NFC; Jerry Jones and Adrian Peterson; Kenny Hill and Kevin Sumlin; USC, Steve Sarkesian, Anthony Brown and Josh Shaw; LeBron James, Andrew Wiggins and Kevin Love; Manny Pacquiao and Metta World Peace

46th show: Will Strickland and I talk Mike Brown and the militarization of Ferguson, Missouri

45th show: Final Call assistant editor/investigative reporter Ashahed Muhammad talks Mike Brown, Chicago, Gaza strip in Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of Ashahed Muhammad

44th show: reporter Zuri Berry talks Patriots, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski, Vince Wilfork and NABJ Boston

43rd show: James Carr talks The Jig Is Up

42nd show: Cole Wiley talks to The Starting Five Live about his movie, After the Storm

Part 2 of Cole Wiley interview airs here on TSF

41st show (Part 1): ESPN analyst/writer/reporter Howard Bryant talks sports journalism, Yankees/Redsox, writing outside of your passion, etc. 

Part 2 of the Howard Bryant interview airs here on TSF

40th show: Legendary DJ Cash Money talks the craft; Cleveland Plain Dealer writer/reporter Branson Wright talks the city return of LeBron James

39th show: Matt Law (formerly DJ Phsh) talks Philly Sound Konnoisseurs; The Baseball Girl throws shade on the New York Yankees 

38th show: NBA Draft analyst Matthew Maurer recaps the draft and comments on Philadelphia 76ers picks  Part II we discuss LeBron James here on TSF

37th show: Writer Wendy Parker talks Title IX, the World Cup in Brazil, coaching women’s sports and gender as well as NBA Finals reaction

36th show: Former AAU coach Myron Piggie discusses his side of a scandal that rocked college basketball

35th show: Country singer Imaj talks about her career and self-titled CD

34th show: Reggie Miller and Greg Anthony; Hugh Douglas co-hosts

33rd show: Part 3 of Chuck D and The Last Poet, Kobie Colemon

32nd show: Part 2 of Chuck D

31st show: Chuck D stops by and talks Donald Sterling, athletes and making political statements, LeBron James, education, etc

30th show: Erik Williams, Nate Newton, Michael Irvin, Hugh Douglas and Mike Quick speak on their careers pretty much everything else and Erik’s foundation event

29th show: Chris Webber, Dennis Scott and Reggie Miller talk LeBron James in a Michael Jordan context; My daughter Taylor talks redemption

28th show: Recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Nolan Richardson talks about his career, influences, players and conviction

27th show: One of the original members of TSF, Dax Devlon-Ross comes on to talk about the site, labor and college athletics, the Final Four, advanced stats etc

26th show: Hugh Douglas and Michael Tillery discuss DeSean Jackson’s release from the Philadelphia Eagles

25th show: Former NFL DE/LB Hugh Douglas

24th show: Charlotte Bobcats shooting guard Gerald Henderson Jr

23rd show: Carla Aikens and I talk women’s issues in sports and media, the effect of twitter and her most unique choices for an NBA all-time 3 on 3

22nd show: The man who challenged the NBA regarding its underclassmen rule and won comes on to talk NBA/ABA and much much more…Spencer Haywood

21st show: Former 5-time NBA All-Star and current TNT NBA analyst Chris Webber breaks news of his upcoming documentary

20th show: GQ and writer and NBA TV commentator Lang Whitaker talks NBA All-Star Weekend, LeBron, Durant and David Stern

19th show: Detroit News Pistons beat writer Vinnie Goodwill talking NBA and Ryan D the Giants fan talking Super Bowl, Eagles and Giants

18th show: Part 2 of Bomani Jones and D. K. Wilson convo. Super Bowl 48 is the topic as well as Andrew Bynum’s signing with the Indiana Pacers

17th show: Part 1 of Bomani Jones and D. K. Wilson convo on sports journalism with respect to race. Tillery speaks with Jim Brown as well

16th show: Conclusion of Leigh Steinberg interview, Seth Davis (Wooden: A Coach’s Life) and TSF EIC Ron Glover

15th show: Leigh Steinberg

14th show: Conclusion of Jemele Hill’s interview and D. K. Wilson

13th show: Jemele Hill and D. K. Wilson

12th show: Grant Hill, Dennis Scott, Marlon Williams and D. K. Wilson

11th show: The second part of Bob Ryan’s interview

10th show: Bob Ryan, Cedric the Entertainer and J. J. Williamson

9th show: Matt Whitener and D. K. Wilson

8th show: D. K. Wilson

7th show: Ben Shapiro and D. K. Wilson

6th show: D. K. Wilson

5th show: Allen Iverson, Jim Calhoun, David Aldridge, Theo Ratliff, Ekrem Negra and Devon Givens

4th show: Stephane Matteau and Traevon Jackson

3rd show: Tim Grover

2nd show: Kaliesha West

1st show: Keith Bulluck, Ryan D., Hunter Hillenmeyer