Top 9 Famous Filipino NBA Players to Watch in 2024 – A Proud Legacy of Talent and Passion

Basketball fans, get ready to be thrilled and inspired as we journey through the courts to highlight the top Filipino talents making waves in the NBA this season.

From groundbreaking pioneers to emerging stars, Filipino athletes have carved a niche in the basketball world, demonstrating exceptional skill and dedication.

In this post, we will explore the top Filipino NBA players who are not just playing the game but changing it, one dribble at a time.

9. Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson, known for his incredible athleticism and energy on the court, shares a connection to the Philippines with 1/8 Filipino roots.

Despite being a reserve player for the Boston Celtics, his impact on the game and his representation of Filipino heritage have made him a notable figure in basketball.

Robinson’s journey challenges the conventional expectations of NBA players, proving that heart and dedication can overcome physical limitations.

His Filipino heritage adds a unique dimension to his identity as an athlete, inspiring fans and players alike to embrace their backgrounds and contribute to the rich mosaic of the NBA.

Nate is also known for his monstrous blocks despite his physical limitations. One of the most famous is the block on Yao Ming, a 7’6″ giant.

8. DJ Mitchell

DJ Mitchell

As a shooting guard for the Hartford Hawks, DJ Mitchell brings his A-game and Filipino heritage to the forefront. His love for basketball and his unique heritage make him a player to watch as he continues to make strides in his career.

Mitchell’s journey is a testament to the hard work and determination required to excel in basketball, resonating with fans and aspiring athletes alike.

Mitchell’s story highlights the diverse backgrounds of NBA players and the global nature of basketball talent, encouraging young athletes to pursue their dreams regardless of their heritage.

7. Kihei Clark

Kihei Clark’s mother’s lineage traces back to Ilocos, Philippines, adding a rich layer to his identity as an NBA player.

Throughout the years, he showed tenacity and skill as a point guard, which has earned him respect and admiration. Clark’s connection to the Ilocos region brings pride to the Filipino community, highlighting the global reach of Filipino talent.

Clark’s journey shows the importance of family heritage in shaping athletes’ careers, offering a unique narrative in the tapestry of NBA stories.

6. Kamaka Hepa

Kamaka Hepa

Kamaka Hepa is not your typical NBA player. He comes from a blend of Hawaiian and Filipino roots, and he brings a splash of color and culture to the league.

He worked hard and never gave up to make it to the NBA, and his story shows how his heritage shaped his passion and drive.

Hepa shows us that there is no one way to achieve your dreams, and that your background can be a source of strength and inspiration.

He is a role model for other athletes who come from different cultures, and he proves that you can be proud of where you come from and still reach for the stars.

5. Jarod Lucas

Jarod Lucas

Jarod Lucas is a proud product of two cultures: his mom is from the Philippines and his dad is from the USA. He loves basketball and he’s really good at it. He can shoot from anywhere and he knows how to play smart. He’s a star on the rise, and he shows the world what Filipinos and Americans can do together on the court.

Lucas’s story teaches us a valuable lesson: don’t be afraid to be yourself and work hard for your dreams. He honors both his Filipino and American roots, and he motivates other young people who have more than one culture in their lives.

4. Ron Harper Jr.

Ron Harper Jr. is a proud son of a Filipino mother and an NBA-legend father. He inherited their passion and skill for the game, and he developed his own versatile and smart style of play. He is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA, and he shows how his diverse background and his natural talent make him stand out.

Ron is also living the dream of many Filipino-American families who love basketball and their culture. He is a symbol of how basketball connects people from different parts of the world, and how it passes on from one generation to the next.

3. Jalen Green

Jalen Green

As a proud Filipino-American, Jalen Green has won the hearts of many fans in the Philippines and around the world. He is a rising star in basketball, with amazing skills and speed that remind people of some of the best players ever.

In 2024, Jalen is one of the most exciting prospects to follow, as he shows his passion and dedication to the game. He also embraces his Filipino roots, which gives him a special character and a sense of purpose.

Green inspires many young Filipinos to pursue their dreams and to work hard for them. He has come a long way from being a high school sensation to becoming an NBA sensation, proving that Filipino athletes have a bright future in basketball.

2. Raymond Townsend

As the first Filipino-American guard in the NBA, Raymond Townsend made history and opened doors for others to follow. He didn’t just play basketball but inspired a whole generation of young Filipinos to chase their dreams.

Townsend was proud of his Filipino roots, which came from his mother. He showed the world that Filipinos belong in sports and that they can overcome any obstacles or stereotypes.

He shone in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors and the Indiana Pacers, and his achievements still light up the way for hopeful athletes.

1. Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson, representing the Utah Jazz, has become a household name for basketball aficionados worldwide. With a Filipino mother, Clarkson’s journey from a promising rookie to winning the NBA 6th Man of the Year award in 2021 is nothing short of inspirational.

His dynamic playstyle and ability to come off the bench and change the game have made him a pivotal player for the Jazz and an icon in the Philippines.

Not only does Clarkson shine in the NBA, but he also proudly represents the Philippine national team, bridging cultures and bringing international attention to Filipino talent.

His jerseys and merchandise are a common sight among fans in the Philippines, symbolizing the deep connection and pride the Filipino community has for its NBA stars.


Can Filipino NBA players represent the Philippines in international competitions?

Yes, Filipino NBA players can represent the Philippines in international competitions, subject to FIBA rules and their NBA commitments.

How does one become a naturalized citizen for the Philippine national basketball team?

Becoming a naturalized citizen involves a legal process that includes approval by the Philippine government, often for athletes who significantly contribute to national sports.

What challenges do Filipino NBA players face?

Beyond physical stature, Filipino players often overcome stereotypes and limited exposure to high-level competition in their early careers.

Is basketball the most popular sport in the Philippines?

Yes, basketball is incredibly popular in the Philippines, deeply ingrained in the country’s culture and widely played across various levels.

Final Words

The presence of Filipino talent in the NBA has grown significantly over the years, showing promise for the future of basketball in the Philippines.  Players like Jordan Clarkson, Raymond Townsend, and Andray Blatche have not only made their mark in the league but have also inspired a new generation of athletes to follow in their footsteps.

The challenges faced by Filipino NBA players, such as limited height and physical stature, have been met with resilience and creativity, paving the way for future stars.